Who do you want to work with?

What’s the first thing we think about when establishing our target audience? Who could benefit from our products or services. But, have you ever stopped to think about the types of clients and customers that YOU want to interact with? Try this: Identify your very favorite client/customer and come up with a list of reasons you love working or interacting with them. That way you can figure out where and how you can target your message to connect with those people in a more effective and meaningful way.

What kind of people inspire you to do the very best work? Perhaps they share your interests, your values, or your approach to life and work. Think about the language they speak, the visuals that delight them, and the experiences they are looking for. That will enable you to CONNECT with the right people, provide value to them, and love what you do.

I hope this Make a Move topic inspires you to stop and think about who your ideal clients and customers are and how you can best reach them.

If you haven’t already, SIGN UP & JOIN US: Make A Move – Walk w/ business-minded ladies & gents.

Let’s get movin’,

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P.S.  If you or somebody you know needs our help, 2018 bookings start now! Our next available spot is March 1st, so if you want a fresh, strategic brand early in the year, now is the time to book.

Keep in mind: each branding project lasts one month from beginning to end which means if we start March 1st, you’ll have your new brand and website up and running by April 1st. This involves an intensive, collaborative four-week process that’s dedicated to one client at a time.

Also note that prior to your project’s start date, there will be prep work on your part (filling out a questionnaire, compiling inspirational images and colors, etc.) so that we can dive right in.

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