When to Celebrate Your Wins…

Ever wonder when it’s appropriate to celebrate your wins?

I say, as often as you can.

Often, we tend to just keep our heads down and work. Sometimes not even noticing that we are making progress because of it.  That’s not fun, nor a positive endorsement to all that you do. 

However, to know that you are making progress you first need to track it. 

Make a plan of where you want to go or who you want to be. This includes figuring out the steps you need to take to get there (a great way to do that is to look at someone who is in the same/similar field as you but maybe 10 years or so ahead and watch them or better yet ask them) and then make those steps tangible and trackable. 

The clearer you are on details, the better.

Then, celebrate each and every win along the way, big or small.

To make it even better, make sure to be intentional with your celebrations and set out specific times or things you want to do to celebrate, it solidifies the win even more and creates positive reinforcement to be fueled for the next step.


Here are some ways to celebrate:


Ha, yes, it can be as silly and simple as turning on your favorite tune on loud and letting loose with your best (or not so great) dance moves. It’s great for not only a win but for movement and energy as well.

Be with loved ones.

Set aside specific time to be with friends, family and maybe even announce your win.  They likely want to know and celebrate you too!

Item on your wishlist.

Perhaps, there is a certain item you would like to have, but don’t feel like it’s something you necessarily need, that could be a great item to splurge on! Plus, what a great reminder for the future! 


Take some time to sit and reflect over the accomplishment. What did you do to accomplish it? How did it feel? Is there space for improvement? Are you ready for the next step?


How often do you set aside time to celebrate and what do you do?

Cheers to wins – big and small!

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