What’s your perfect client’s name?

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When I meet with clients I have a list of question I always ask them, to find out who they are, what drives them and what makes their business unique. In todays market there is such immense amount of companies, so if you want to stand out you need to be different or do something different. The way to do that, is to be authentic.

So how do you do that? You look inwards.
What do you stand for? What do you do that is different? What makes you unique? How do you want to service your customers or clients? What impression do you want to leave them with? Being authentic makes this process and your business success much easier or frankly, possible.

It’s the truth, you can’t please every one, and you shouldn’t even try. There are people that are looking for exactly what you have to offer. The group might be teeny tiny or you might have a really big one, either way – it’s there. Being true to who and what you are, will make you connect with them. Best of all, they will connect with you on a deeper level and may even become your very own cheerleaders.

What good does it, to define your niche?
Would you want to buy a rhinestone covered phone case? Some will probably get all giddy and go: Me me me! and some will most likely say; I doubt that!! You don’t want to try to sell the rhinestone case to the person that said “I doubt that!!” Again, for that specific reason you want to figure out your niche and unique selling point (USP). That way you know who to communicate with, who to sell to and you will be able to figure out how to engage with them. To be honest the very best thing about being authentic is that all of a sudden you don’t have to deal with that yucky salesy feeling. All you do is just speak from your heart and recommend what you believe is best for your customer or client, and that’s it.

People want to belong, finding a community, a brand that resonates with their personal style and that they can trust. When you can create that feeling for a customer/client, you have struck gold.

Now all you need to do is to reach that group of people or ” The Perfect Client” that need exactly what you offer.

For that you need the right branding; colors, style and a voice that speaks to them. The way to do that is to try to put yourself in your perfect client’s shoes.  What do they like?  Where do they travel? What car do the drive?  How do they dress? In what income bracket are they?  etc.

I find that, the easiest and most fun way to be clear about who your perfect client is, is to do a storyboard. You can go old-school and actually tear out pictures from magazines, gather different type of material etc. or just get surfing on the web and screen shoot away the things that you think defines your perfect client. Then put it onto or into a document of your preference.  Get into as much detail as possible, the more detail the easier it is for you to relate and to market to that person.
Finally give the person a name and let him or her be your imaginary best friend. Anytime you need to write a blog, post on social media, write copy for your site or create marketing materials, picture talking to him or her and if she would connect with what you have to say, execute.

My perfect client’s name is, Robin. What is yours?





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