What the color does it mean?

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I absolutely love color, love it…I’m probably a bit obsessed, now when I think of it!

Since I was a kid I have had a thing for color. I remember once when my mom had run out of yarn for a sweater she was making for me (it was a pastel sweater in pink, mint and yellow, so cute). We went to the store to pick up some more, she grabbed one color and I was certain it wasn’t it and gave her the one I knew she had used. Back home, she noticed I was right… I have no idea how I can remember those things but I do. If I have ever met you, I probably remember what you wore the first time we met or last time we met even though it was years ago. Yup you can test me, in the comments below, if you like – I’m game!

To me color says a lot, it can give an idea of personality, it can create calmness, bring energy, it can set a mood, build a style, bring back memories and so much more.
My color style of choice: preferably a pop of bright color together with solid, less vibrant tones to make a statement. But there is also a time, quite often actually, for more earthly tones; it brings me back to nature, calmness and rawness. As I write this, moving in my mind from bright to earthy, it even brings my mood from energetic, wanting to be out and about, talk and see everything, to calmness, grounded, with teacup in hand.

Pretty much everything revolves around color in my work, as I design and brand products and services, which is beyond exciting to me. I love how I can very easily change the feeling that I want to communicate through my art, by just a slight change in color.

I’m not planning to be scientific or go in to depth about color, but I thought it would be fun to share some non-proven meanings (depending on the culture, as they are not the same all of the world) or type of feelings that will be brought out by just color.

It is something I keep in mind when I design and could perhaps be something for you to play with or keep in mind for your next project or next time you get dressed for a presentation or special occasion.

Enjoy the video below! Don’t forget to test my color memory in the comment section and sign up for biweekly updates!



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