What Salsa has Taught Me

What salsa has taught me

About 3 years ago I started to learn how to salsa dance.

But— like learning any new skill, it came with challenges that took some time to overcome.

In fact, for me there have been 3 key takeaways that I have learned from overcoming some of those challenges, and of course they are relevant in business too:

  1. Letting go of control. In the beginning, it was hard not to anticipate my lead and his next steps, but after some time I was finally able to surrender and to focus on becoming better at maneuvering what was happening around me. In business it’s the same, you cannot control what others do you can only work on doing your side better/more sufficiently.
  2. Start before you are ready and learn as you go. Imperfect action wins everyday vs. not doing anything at all because it’s not good enough. I know it’s been said 1 million times, but with any new thing, whether it’s dance, a new project, or business, you truly do have to start before you are ready. Being a beginner is inevitable, but the moment you decide to take the first step of walking onto that dance floor or taking the next scary step in your business, that is the moment you open yourself up to experiences you didn’t know were possible; and soon enough you won’t be a beginner anymore.
  3. Be yourself, don’t try to mimic somebody else. Yes, in salsa there are certain basic steps you need to do, and you do follow a lead but you can and should add your own flare and style to it. For a long time, I was watching others trying to do what they did, but it didn’t fit me, and as I started to learn more, I started to feel more comfortable doing my own moves how they felt right to me. In business and branding it’s exactly the same. There might be some key things like having a logo and a website, but the goodness happens when you add your own style and flare to make them your own.

Best of all: When you have all those things down, it’s like arriving to a magical land. It’s so incredibly freeing and fun to let go and just dance like nobody is watching!

And in business, when you don’t base your outcome on what others are doing, but rather take a leap on a project you dream about and doing it your way— it sort of just starts to magically flow.

What’s a new project that your making moves on?


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