What marketing are you doing and why?

Marketing boils down to communicating your value directly to your audience. My audience enjoys physical activity (and so do I!) so I came up with a brilliant way [if you ask me] to provide exercise and a discussion of the what, why, how, etc. of all aspects of business and branding. A different way of marketing… sure, but do what works for you. Make A Move is a win all around and a fantastic way to jump into your day with creativity and energy.

I am not a writer. I prefer to communicate in-person in a way that’s more enjoyable and beneficial for me and my audience. It’s important to know your strengths and play to them, and if something’s not working, try something new! What kind of marketing is the best fit for you? There are endless creative and impactful ways to communicate with your audience and we’ll be discussing them this week at Make A Move. Let’s start the day off with fresh ideas, new tools, and renewed energy to get it done!

If you haven’t already, SIGN UP & JOIN US: Make A Move – Walk w/ business-minded ladies & gents.

See you out there,

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