What is a Lead Magnet?

Why have a lead magnet? What should your lead magnet include?

Remember the days when you let your reader/follower know they could sign up to receive emails with tips and inside information – for FREE! The idea of free information was enough to build a decent-sized list of engaged readers.


Now we get bombarded with emails and getting tips for free is no longer that appealing, at all.


If you are like me, you even do your best to not be on any email list.


So, what do you do when you are the one sending out those emails and you know you have great information that people actually need and really would want? Because, yes there are plenty of those!


I, for example, have a few select emails that I look forward to getting (and yes, actually reading), because I know it brings goodness every time it shows up in my inbox.


These are the folks you want on your list, but how do we reach and draw them in?


Well, your list might include people who’ve been recommended to you and enjoy receiving your emails or maybe they “stumbled” on your articles, videos or podcasts because of some Internet search that led them to you. Both are great, indeed. Another great way to reach an audience who needs your services is with a lead magnet.


Check out this weeks video and keep reading below to better understand what a lead magnet is, why you should have one and how to choose yours. 

Now, what is a lead magnet and why should you have one?

It is a document, audio or video clip that provides helpful information for your audience, so that they know what you can offer them and what that experience might be working with you.


You know, kind of like how they give you tasters at Starbucks of the latest flavor…something delicious…in those way too small cups…and it’s clear…you need more. (Just me?!) Well honestly, they get me in the door with just a poster of a new flavor.


That’s what a lead magnet does as well. It gets your potential customers in the door.

Alright, so you know you should have one, but what should yours be?

Something irresistible of course 😉


Here are some ideas to get your mind spinning:


What do you know the most about?


What do people ask you the most about?


How can you help your ideal audience the most?


What insider tricks in your industry would your audience die to know about?


Give a snippet of it, or even better give a lot of it. Giving and sharing your knowledge builds trust and builds a more committed, connected relationship with your audience. And that is what you are really after. It shows them that you are here to serve them, and with a lead magnet, you are doing just that.


Pro tip:  Your lead magnet should preferably be the top of the funnel to your main offering, which means you are basically guiding your customers step-by-step to exactly what they need. Because again, this is not about you just trying to sell something. This is about offering something your audience needs and has been looking for.


Which is a great segue to my lead magnet! If you are not signed up for my lovely bi-weekly notes yet or if you have been for a while, but maybe missed it, head to khaggarddesign.com/find-your-niche and download the “Find Your Niche” workbook! It’s a really helpful document to get clarity on who your audience is and how to best talk to them.

Clarity feels good!
If you have any questions, I’m happy to help!

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