West Cost Multihulls Logo

We have been creating a lot of logos lately, and here is the newest.

From their site: “West Coast Multihulls is a boat dealer, brokerage, charter company and sailing school focusing on multihulls, and run by a team of dedicated catamaran and trimaran sailors with thousands of sea miles, and decades of combined experience. It is our goal to bring the experience of multihull sailing to as many people as possible, whether it be developing skills, casual afternoon sails, multi-day charters or setting off over the horizon on a cat or tri of their own.”


They wanted to update their logo, design it to portray fun, activeness, and make it “move”. In doing so, they planned to use the same colors and base the new design off the old one. This was to make sure existing customers would still feel a connection to it as WCM is already a recognized brand.


To keep some similarity to the compass rose, we made the north lines into a sail. The feeling of speed and movement were created by dragging the line from the sails. Last, we added another hull underneath, of course! We continued the modern lines but to keep it simple by leaving it a silhouette. Voila!

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