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It's time!

Let's get all the ducks in a row and get ready to start working together.

To simplify life as well as keep everything easy to find, we have collected all our prep information and guidance here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Make a Greater Impact

We are excited to partner up with you!
The beauty of hiring us for your Brand + Website Design is that we are just as invested in your grand vision as you are.

We are about to get down into the nitty-gritty foundation of your business to start to create and build out your message, designs, colors to represent you in the best possible way and connect with your audience. And in the end, with metaphorical dirt under our nails, paint in our hair, our goal is that your business will thrive. Exciting stuff!

We want you to be as prepared as possible for these next 12 weeks or so, because it will feel like a whirlwind!

Even though Irina our Project Manager will also be sending you an email that will give you most of this guidance we want to fully outline, what to expect from us, what we will need from you as well as a few other nuts and bolts. Our hope is to make this run as smoothly as possible.

Alright, well here we are, toes on the edge, let’s jump in!

Project Timeline

This is everything you can expect to see, need or be prepared to complete during our journey together.

Total Estimated Time: 12 Weeks

Phase One: Preparation

Total Estimated Time: 1 Week

We will need access to quite a bit of things, such as:
Domain | Hosting | Email Marketing tool | Scheduling tool | Analytics

If you are not sure about these, do not fret, we will help guide you through it all.

Additionally, we will be sending you an invite to a Dropbox for your prepwork and an invite to Asana which is where we will be doing all of our reviews, commentary and revisions.

This is your prepwork. This piece is what the project stands on, it is extremely important you take the time to ponder it and fill it out thoroughly. Consider it our instruction manual for everything we will need to refer to in order to know you and build your brand.
Please use this time to also gather photos from (Google, Pinterest, Grandma’s Closet) that will help us understand visually who you and your brand are. Your photos should showcase company values, ideal clientele, architecture, textures, colors, style or anything that will give us an idea of the aesthetic you might envision for your brand.

Phase Two: Foundation

Total Estimated Time: 4 Weeks

After reviewing your workbook, bouncing ideas and suggestions off of you, doing research as well as looking at your inspirational images, we will start with creating an Inspiration Board to ensure we are on the same page visually.

We will begin to create your visual identity, everything from brand colors, logos to social media banners and profile images, so you have a cohesive look for your brand that extends beyond the screen.

Original photos just make everything better and help tie your site together. We will help you communicate to your photographer on what images you will need to fill your website and marketing materials with. These will create a deeper visual story that explains who you and your brand are. Start your efforts to find a photographer and shoot date as soon as possible, as this can take a little bit of time to find and organize. (Yes, we can also use stockphotos and have great resources to find good ones)

Phase Three: Build

Total Estimated Time: 5 Weeks

What and how you say things is important. This is the voice of your brand, we will help you be sure that it is saying what you mean concisely, while still getting the most out of your SEO, so your audience can be led right to you.

After we have finalized the sitemap (layout of the site) together, we will set up your draft site and populate it with copy, photos, branding materials to create a complete, dynamic experience for your viewer and potential clients. You get to review the draft, edit any copy, swap out images, etc. if needed. Our final step will be to verify that your site is optimized for mobile and tablet visitations and make sure all forms work properly.

Phase Four: Finalization

Total Estimated Time: 2 Weeks
Congrats, your website is live! We will schedule a video call, to go over how to handle the basics of your site. You will learn how to post a blog, change a photo, update copy, etc. We will record the call so that once it is finished we can send you a link to review the lesson at any time.

Start waiting at the door (or email inbox) for your neatly tied-up package of your brand assets and full access to the website (with final payment). We also want to give you the opportunity to sign up for our Maintenance Program to protect and keep your site secure. I highly recommend staying on top of updates (even if it isn’t done by us) because it helps retain all of your site’s value. You do not want to end up with a lackluster or worse hacked site because of a missed checkup. #preventitivecare

Estimated Time You Can Expect to Spend

Total Estimated Time: 15-25 hours
Collecting account access info
Workbook/ Inspirational images
Inspirational board / Visual direction
Visual identity + Collateral pieces
Content Interview
Bio questionnaires / collection
Content feedback
Website preview / feedback

Tools we will use

Dropbox is our filing cabinet that our team and you can reach from anywhere in the world. We are in need of a shared space to easily access content, and files. You will use Dropbox to share your inspirational photos, any content or copy you want to share as well as the photos you will take for your site. Additionally, final files and deliverables will all be placed here.

LastPass is an online little black password book. We will need access to a lot of accounts, so with this tool you can pop them all in there and be done. It even allows you to give us access without us actually seeing the passwords if you feel more comfortable with that. This tool is not a requirement of working with us, it’s just a helpful tool we recommend for simplification, to keep us secure and organized.

Asana is the project organizational tool we use to keep the many little tasks we go through in order. We aim to keep all conversation in here, so we can stay organized and don’t have to search through long emails strings and such to find what we are looking for. It keeps us all inline for all the tasks.

We recommend using the board layout to easily see the full project and timeline. The Asana inbox will show notifications from us.


Just like all good things in life, your website requires constant upkeep to stay fresh and malware free. We built your website with you and your clients in mind and want to ensure everyone gets the best experience. Our Maintenance Program ensures your site, and any updates, continue to run smoothly.

We have created four options so you can choose which program best suits you.

If you feel a little like we just pushed you in the pool, just remember this is where the fun is!

It is a lot right now because all the steps are being laid out, but hopefully that will help us set more clear expectations. A recommendation we have is to keep the memento going from the process, and before you know it, we will have your great vision realized.
As always, reach out if you need anything cleared up.

Now, let’s get to it!