Lyla Renai Website done by khaggard design

Lyla Renai is a high-end, well-fitting, and flattering clothing label, for the “confident, feminine, and always-alluring woman,” as the designer and owner Lyla Altevers describes her customer. The company’s site was due for a makeover to make it as elegant and vibrant as the collections themselves, which are versatile enough to take the wearer from a day at the office to the golf course and off to a cocktail party with only a change of shoes.

Lyla Altevers (Renai is her middle name, if you were wondering where that came from) is one of those people you just want to be around all the time—an energetic, creative, passionate, elegant, go-getter, and a golfer to boot! So it was a real pleasure to discuss the visions and goals she had for her site as I started the process of redesigning it.

There’s no reason, business-wise, to create something that is simply pretty—a website needs to be functional as well and speak directly to the customer. Lyla Renai’s customer is a vibrant woman who appreciates clean lines, exquisite design, and timeless style.

With that in mind, I designed an uncluttered site to reflect the label’s elegant simplicity. I included large, inviting images to give a good feel for her collections and maintain a clean look. The base color is black, a color that speaks elegance, luxury and exclusivity. Even the smallest details make a big impact—that’s as true for the website as it is for Lyla Renai’s collections themselves.

Lyla is thrilled with the results, and so am I. I’m excited to show you what I created for her: Lyla Renai: Luxury Sport & Resort Wear for Women.



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