Ways to Connect With Your Client

So you have your color palette, logo, website, and business card handy…. But now what? Do people use business cards still?

As summer begins and business doors re-open the thoughts of, “Where should I go to network?” and “What should I say?” may pop into mind.

Setting it all up is one thing, but letting the world know you exist is a totally different one.

Here is a list of handy-dandy suggestions to connect with the people that want to hear from you.

Content Marketing

Write original content weekly/bi-weekly about your industry. It can be long in-depth articles, short nudges, or a list of suggestions. Take a stand and be bold. A bit time consuming but long-game goodness.

YouTube Channel

Do you like to be in front of the camera (or even if you don’t)? Start a YouTube channel sharing your knowledge and maybe even a few jokes.

Invite people

It could be that simple. Have you emailed, say, 10 people to just let them know about your insightful and delightful weekly posts? While you are at it, suggest they sign-up so they don’t miss one and maybe even remind them that they can share the news with a friend

Interact in Facebook groups

Find groups that fit your industry and expertise and go interact. Answer questions, suggest things, help others. This online presence will showcase your expertise and let people know you are available and know knowledgeable.

Ask to be a guest

Look up podcasts that are related to your industry, where you could provide support/guidance to the audience. Reach out to the person running the show and let them know you have some content you think would really benefit their audience.

Do some work for a discount or free

You can give away your service or product to let people try it out/see what it is like to work with you in exchange that they mention you every time they go anywhere. Or, a good ol’ positive review does the trick too.

Social contest

Show your audience that you do something neat. Take a photo, like, follow and tag a friend. Ta Da!

Write about the right thing

Do your research to see what topics your audience is curious about. Use the specific keywords and phrases from this research in your titles, subjects, articles, and social posts.

Interview somebody

Do you know some thought leaders, interesting, or not so interesting people? Interview them and write about what you found out, credit your interviewee, and ask them to share your post.

Do the work for your client

There are so many options out there, for products/services/tools etc. How about you compare and let users know what conclusions you came to?!


I have always been a team player; it makes doing things more fun while quickly extending your reach. Partner with a charity you like, a related business, co-host, co-author… co anything basically.


Use your content in multiple ways. For example, if you have a podcast, video record it, transcribe it, pull snippets for social post about it, maybe use it for a course, etc. Each solid content you create, you should be able to at least use in three more places

Ok, I hope these helped, sparked some ideas, and got you inspired to connect and step it up.

I inspired myself… anybody want to collaborate?  If yes, hit replay and maybe we can come up with something fun!

Let’s go.

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