Designer/Creative Director

Karin brings the Swedish minimalist style to her work and has given faces to a plethora of companies. She has made them visually arresting and painted the entrances to their online hubs. She has also developed and built the structure behind the scenes. Her true passion is—and always has been—creativity and design. Paired with her development knowledge, Karin has a unique ability that bridges the two separate yet very connected realms.
She believes that while making something practical and functional, you should also make it beautiful.


Born and raised in Sweden, Karin found a passion for creativity at an early age; as a figure skater, she performed different roles on the ice, created costumes, and did hair and makeup. Her MacGyver Mom and walking-encyclopedia Dad taught her a lot, but most important was their endless support. Clearly, Karin had no idea what she was doing when she accepted a golf scholarship and went to study Computer Art and Design in a small town on a hill in New Mexico, but they encouraged her to go for it anyway.

In her personal time, Karin thrives on staying active. Most days she can be found on her road bike along the coast, swimming in the ocean, doing yoga, playing golf or racing triathlons.  She believes in a positive outlook, keeping things simple, leading a balanced life, and she always has at least one to-do list within reach.  One of her favorite sayings is, “What you put into life you get out of life, so teach more, give more and love more.”


Randy Fraser is the kind of person that can build something from nothing; there are almost no problems that he can’t find solutions for.
He has extensive knowledge as a SEO/online marketing specialist and web programmer and is proficient in HTML, CSS and PHP. He is extremely gifted at dissecting existing scripts and coding functions in order to repurpose them for new and better uses. Randy’s thorough and organized approach to his work keeps “normal” folk on their toes.


Born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan, Randy has been a creative writer and entrepreneur his entire adult life. Not satisfied with the traditional route, he has spent most of adulthood seeking fulfilling roles in a variety of businesses in outdoor-oriented locations in the west. After writing extensively for a web project starting in 1995, his slow slide into the world of web programming has been unstoppable. Mostly because he enjoys it so much, he has effectively become “the web guy,” or “Mr. Fix-It” at every place he’s worked.

Before joining K.Haggard Design, and after earning his journalism degree from Michigan State University, Randy was general manager of a high-service sporting goods retailer, marketing director for an outdoor clothing manufacturer, owner/manager of an online clothing distributor and freelance journalist. It is this broad range of work experiences that gives him valuable insights into user experience and the big picture, which is particularly useful when programming and developing new projects.

Whether Randy is coding and problem solving on the job or away from his desk, he is sure to be making those around him laugh. Perhaps one of his greatest talents is his impression of a Great Blue Heron. He is a beer connoisseur and would rather reef a sail or grind a winch than just about anything else.


Have you ever read SkyMall on a plane? Sent a greeting card? Bought a page-a-day calendar? Worn a pithy T-shirt? Ordered from a catalog? Chances are good that Ruth wrote at least one of those. Because words are everywhere, and a true writer loves to write them. And business owners who value their product and their clients’ time are willing to pay for well-written words. Ruth has worked for American Greetings, SkyMall, The Danbury Mint, The US Postal Commemorative Society, What on Earth Catalog, HarperCollins, GreenBox Art, and dozens of smaller-but-mighty companies.


As a child in the Midwest, every time Ruth was asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” her answer was always the same—“a writer.” Nine times out of ten, the adult’s follow-up question would be, “and how are you going to make money?” Over time, Ruth was able to recognize this follow-up question for what it was: a complete and total lack of imagination.

She works closely with clients to help target their audience and company voice, then writes the websites, blogs, brochures, employee profiles, tweets and taglines that get noticed and prompt action. No offense to her artsy friends, but she thinks a well-chosen word is worth a thousand pictures any day.

Ruth’s a published poet who holds a master’s degree in English from Boston University. She also writes magazine articles and edits novels and children’s books. In her spare time, Ruth runs, reads, and romps with her family.

And she’s eternally grateful that her parents were among the 1 of 10 adults whose follow-up response to her goal of being a writer was, simply, “cool.”