Sometimes all you need to do is, jump.

I had a plan, to start a hands-on creative blog, because I want to inspire and share my passion for hands-on creating. I specify hands-on, as I generally work with visual design and don’t often get to make physical things. I call it “feel” design; like, cement poured into a candle holder, unfinished raw wood sticks into a heart shape, herringbone fabric put together into a bag, coarse sugar and coco powder into a delicious dessert…ahh to actually feel what I design and create just makes me giddy.

As I was working on getting my site together, I got questioned about my work.
Should I take a full-time product design job that I would only dream about getting or not?

I decided to go through the interview process to at least give myself the option. It was a long process, with a few rounds of interviews and tests. It gave me some time to really consider my options.  The job was to design houseware products, like plates, containers, glasses etc. It had an energetic and enthusiastic team and lots, and lots of travel… how could I say no?

Well, I would have to let go of my goal of making my business a successful one and my dream of it one day giving me the ability to help out in the world in a bigger way.  I would have to let go of the fantastic clients and connections I had built over the years. My man and I are both self employed and quite spoiled with the life style of I-can-do-whatever-I-want-whenever-I-want. The fact that we both have that work style makes us like Cirque du Soleil of life. I also work a lot with his projects and products so that would have to stop.  I also have been in my business for almost 10 years so I have a lot of accumulated knowledge and experience in my field, that I wouldn’t waste but wouldn’t get to use in the same way and most of all. wouldn’t get to expand on.

I know there are tons of people out there dealing with that exact same question; having the cushy “secure” office job vs. living the dream, with no security.

This is how I dealt with it: I have never really been the easy-route kind of girl. For some reason I always tend to test new waters, push my limits to see how far I can go. Yet I’m one of those that also like balance and wouldn’t go to an extreme on anything (except probably design, ha!) Of course I would be up for testing pretty much anything.

So how do I choose? Simple; I am going to base my decision on: offer or no offer.  If I get the offer, it would really come down to if it’s worth it to me, looking at the variables of money, time, freedom, challenge and personal growth.

I got the call and did not get the offer. Disappointment. Phone call to my man. His response: “You didn’t really want the job anyway, and now you get the opportunity to work more on your own stuff and what you want to do.”
Don’t tell him, but he is so right. I already have my dream job.

That put me into a “focus week.” If I want to keep my design company as a full time job and make a good living doing it, I need to kick it up a notch. That week was a lot of soul searching, defining “what you want to do” really is. Hone in on the details, plan, set up goals and visions to give me more possibilities. I did a lot of researching, listening to interviews, reading and created a method (more on that later) that took me through all the tough questions, and out the other side came my new improved mission:

“To help develop and visually tell entrepreneur’s and start-ups’ stories and communicate their purpose, to make their business’ blossom and their lives flourish.”

So why did I start this note with talking about a hands-on creative blog? Because, it will have to wait, it’s a hobby. It’s important to see the difference between a hobby and a business. I’m thrilled with my now clearer vision and goals and want to focus my time on K.HAGGÅRD DESIGN. I want to take it to the next level, give my business and clients more, dive deeper with them and make it into a successful business that helps people and ultimately makes a bigger impact on the world!

Action required: You don’t build a successful business if only a few know about it.
It’s time for me to get out there, connect with people and potential clients, spread my word, teach and inspire.

This blog was born! 
Sometimes you need to be questioned and sometime all you need to do is, jump.
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With Love,


ps. don’t worry, I’ll be starting the creative hands-on blog too, because I want to.





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