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it's all in the experience

I know – building a brand that sets you apart isn’t easy and it takes time. 
Whatever the interwebs says, I want to be real with you; there are no quick fixes or overnight transformations.  What pays off is building a strong foundation that will create a thriving relationship with your audience and monetize your authenticity.

Want solid fundamental pointers and action-packed business tips?

Some tasty samples...

When to Celebrate Your Wins…

Ever wonder when it’s appropriate to celebrate your wins? I say, as often as you can. Often, we tend to just keep our heads down and work. Sometimes not even
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Simplify, Organize and Beautify Your Business

As a lover of organization, I’m looking for ways to optimize, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Yeah… honestly it might be a bit of an obsession. Just me? Who else is plotting out the
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Are You Thinking About Giving Up On Your Dream?

Entrepreneurship can be such a rollercoaster. Last week was hard, really hard…like collapse on the floor kind of hard.  It had me wondering, “Why the heck did I make this
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