Ride The Point Logo 2014

This is another Rotary project I recently got involved with.
It’s a great cause!
Ride The Point is a cycling event set up to raise money for pancreatic cancer research as one of our fellow Rotarians past away the year before last from this awful type of cancer.

The money that is raised is donated to UC San Diego, Moore’s Cancer Center which is dedicated to translating promising scientific discoveries into new options for the care of cancer patients. Founded in 1979, it ranks among the top centers in the nation conducting basic and clinical cancer research, providing advanced patient care, and serving the community through outreach and education programs. For more information: UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center.

This was the second annual ride and while the first year had some great visuals, nothing was very cohesive.  It aesthetically didn’t really have a thought out mission or voice.  The event lacked something a rider could connect to; it didn’t have a “personality”.  This year, we wanted to build a brand to help make the ride into something people would more easily remember.

We started with the logo. I wanted to make sure it was fun and active, clearly displayed the location and also simply that it was cycling related.  Using the Point- the actual rock on Point Loma- was almost a given. I used the back of the “R” to represent the physical landmark and the “i” as the lighthouse.  The font I used was Fransico One, which I felt was bold and clear with a fun touch to it. And Avenir Next as an accent font, to simply inform without taking too much attention. I used the colors purple as it is the pancreatic cancer logo and the blue is one of Rotary’s colors.

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