A Summer Filled With Remote Work in Europe

I have been talking about blending work and life lately.

This summer I truly did that.

My man works from Europe a bit, so since my team and I are virtual, I get to work from Europe too! We spent time in my home country Sweden and in his home country France.

For me, that works really well.  I do my hours in the morning, while the USA is sleeping and then we head out to play during the day and then back to connect in the evening when the USA is in full swing, before I close out the day.

I scheduled my meetings as normal (well, later in the day / evening) and didn’t think anything of it until one of my clients told me he had told his colleague how inspired he was by how I work. It is the life you see on TikTok, and dreamily desire, and the crazy thing is it’s my reality! I realized after this chat with that client that I had a true opportunity to help people move their work-life into the remote realm, especially since all my experience predates lockdowns.

I have always worked remotely with my company. I believe this was one of the exciting things that came out of Covid, that people & companies realized you are way more mobile than perhaps you thought and some work you can do from anywhere and meeting “in person” works quite well on Zoom. (Or maybe the Zoom marketing team really wanted to see a jump and orchestrated this whole thing…😉 kidding!) It is exciting because we are seeing more and more people who are able to work where they are most comfortable while also living their best lives!

So my question to you:

  • Are you working how you want to?
  • Are you dreaming of or setting up your life to blend life and work?

Running your own business allows for just that. Chances are you have the skills and talent to run your own. You just need a little push…so consider this that nudge. You can do it. If you are confused I recommend you check out my course Website K.0, where you can work directly with me to get your business branded and online while having access to me for any questions!

I hope I can Zoom with you while you enjoy a nice glass of wine at a small Parisian cafe!

(Or wherever your new business and happiness takes you!)

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