Stripy Arms

Art that Inspires & Connects
St. Louis, MO

Brand development.

Janice Scherer is a painter with a big heart. I saw that right away when I sent out my list of questions for clients to fill out before beginning the process of creating a brand or a web site.

When she described her business as inspiring and healing and her core values as self-love, courage, creativity, and friendship I knew I was in for a lovely treat. Working with creative and passionate people tickles my heart.

She came to me because it was time to update her website, but when we took a closer look we realized that her logo wasn’t really representing her.

She has a slightly childlike style that is rounded out with lots of depth and love. Her logo was just showing the childlike part, missing the deeper points of her art.

I started, as I usually do, by giving my client a questionnaire in order to uncover what she stands for, her values, audience and product strategy.  Stripy Arms is all about finding the child within and being true to yourself. Janice brings heart, honesty and inspiration to her brand.
To get that message across I picked warm colors with textures.  Then, of course, I had to use black and white, which are her signature colors and showcase the true colors. Janice paints stripy arms to show that it’s ok to be who you are and own it. The bold, confident contrast of black and white reflects the pride in individuality that Stripy Arms conveys.  It also makes for a very interesting mix of hard and soft palette.  To show depth yet still connect with the child within, I mixed Janice’s art with fonts that are similar to her handwriting, yet clean and sophisticated.  The same mindset was used for the collateral and website. One of the key things was to get a shopping cart in place so she could be in charge of her own sales and set herself up for success with a platform built for growth.


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