Flow Financial Planning

Because who has time for a third job?
Bellingham, WA

Being on top of a high tech career, being a mother and also making sure your finical situation is under control for you and your kids is not an easy task to manage. Meg Bartelt at Flow financial knows that and does at least some of it for you, with professionalism, high attention to detail, and a pinch of wit.

The identity for Flow needed to show just that to attract smart, multitasking mothers and let them know that there is a better way. To that end, we developed an identity that flows; not in a stereotypical soft way but rather with edge to illustrate structure, development and simplicity with a modern style. It also pokes a little fun at the high tech field with a nod to the computer games of the 80s, when her target client was coming of age.

The colors express the knowledge, boldness, strength and energy of a woman in control. Which is exactly the type of woman Flow works with. We brought her new visual identity into all the different marketing pieces, from business card to website, in order to be consistent, professional and build a stronger brand to connect with her audience.

Meg Bartelt, the founder of Flow financial, entered the high tech industry as a technical writer (I have in the last couple of months learned more new words than I have in the past couple of years!) and then changed her career to financial planning because she found it a more intriguing choice. When she realized that the firms she worked for weren’t serving the clientele that she felt needed her most, she did what any smart, bold, woman who wants to serve would have done: she started her own.

Flow Financial Planning