Procrastination is overwhelming. Here’s how I overcome it.

It's no secret, procrastination is overwhelming.

As I write this, it’s my dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!!). Because of his big day, I, of course, called him and sang. He smiled on the other side and told me while giggling that I was the first to sing for him. In all honesty, he probably meant that I was the first to sing for him that horribly… yeah, I can’t brag about my pipes really, but oh well, done is better than perfect!

Which brings me to procrastination and to do things even if it feels uncomfortable or not being ready for it. My dad has always encouraged me to take action (so it’s basically his own dang fault he got a horrible birthday song in his ear ;)!

I believe taking action is one of the biggest challenges we have as business owners. It’s so much easier to fill the day with organizing things, fiddling with designs on an IG post vs. doing the work that really matters.

Slight backstory, I’m one of those lucky lucky people who happen to have a father who is also my business (and life) mentor. He has run his own businesses, worked for huge corporations as well as small ones, has a brilliant mind and a big heart, and he has been my greatest influence on how I run and do business.

The number one thing that he would say when I call and ask if I should do this or that…is: Gor De, with his sweet slightly countryside accent.

Gor De, is Swedish for “Do it“ or “Just take action“.

It’s such an easy concept but sometimes, oh so difficult to execute.

He has always encouraged me to try and see how it goes. You can’t do more than mess up.

Procrastination only happens if you are not clear on what you should do or if it’s something that is uncomfortable to do.

So, this whole procrastination thing is really a change in mind set.

Here are some ideas to train yourself to “Gor De”, or “do it anyway”, when you feel like you would rather be in your comfy socks, wrapped up in a soft blanket in front of the bustling fire
  • Have a sticky note on your computer or your bathroom mirror with a reminder of taking action, of doing it anyway. Or a sign, like me, with my dad’s saying on my office wall.
  • Be clear on where you want to go and why. Having clarity feels so good and makes doing uncomfortable things quite a bit easier.
  • Schedule your stuff! Set aside a day, some hours to do what you need to do. Don’t just put it on your to do list, actually put it on your schedule and block out the time. More importantly, when somebody asks if you are available at that time to do something different, the answer is no. Whoa, for me that’s a tricky one. Because “it’s just my own stuff” but it is so important to take care of your own stuff.
  • I like to see change visually…might you be one of those too? For example, I have listed how many articles/videos I want to do this year. When one is done, I make a mark on my paper calendar, so I can see I’m one step closer to completion.
  • Because of my athletic background, I might be slightly competitive, so I like to turn most things into a sport or game. For example, last time it took me two hours to write x, next time, maybe I can do it in 1.75hrs instead…! Keeping track of time, amount, or anything tangible to see improvement makes doing tough things more fun!
  • Do it with a friend! Monthly Marketing day, work out, schedule social media posts. When you meet up with somebody you have one more person to keep you accountable. If you are anything like me you might enjoy team working a tad bit more!

The biggest thing is integrity, the only true cure to procrastination.

If you say you are going to do something, do it. Whether it’s for you, a client, or somebody else, you can practice that every day. Start with the little things like making the decision to making your bed every morning, showing up on time, to only doing phone calls on Tuesday etc. and stick to those decisions!

And as my dad would say, if you mess up, just do better tomorrow.

I hope this inspires you to find some ideas to take action or just Gor De, comfortably or not.  Small steps, in the right direction, is all you need.

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