Next Generation Power

We worked with Virtual Power Technologies as their brand consulting and design company to make nerdy energy guys look sexy (their words, not ours 😉 ) to attract the masses to something that is essential for our planet and for us to live on it. With that came the opportunity to create a clean logo, provide minimalistic website design services, and create equally clean and minimalistic marketing materials that support Virtual Power as the forward thinking and heart-centered company that they are.

Scope of project


With Virtual Power Technologies, the challenge we faced as their brand development consultant was around messaging and copy for their website, and other brand materials and marketing assets. We needed to clarify their brand position and the customers they serve, but the trickiest part was figuring out how to make extremely technical and complicated concepts easy to take in and comprehend.


Virtual Power Technologies is out to make a greater impact, to change the way we look at energy and how we take care of our planet. They are technologically forward-thinking, they push boundaries, they think with their hearts, and they are outliers because it’s the right thing to do, not the easy thing to do. The best part is, after working with us as their brand creator and brand consulting agency, they now have a brand that reflects that.