Organizational Development for the Life Science

We worked with The Leadership Edge to rebrand and redefine their public appearance. As their brand creator and brand consulting company, we had the opportunity to develop a foundation which exudes confidence while maximizing approachability. We did this by providing a color palette and a new visual identity, which included all of their creative needs such as— photography, collateral pieces, website redesign services and branded promotional pieces. We designed every aspect of their brand to speak for them, to the world.

Scope of project


The Leadership Edge, led by Gaylene Xanthopoulos, is an organizational development company for the most innovative life science companies in the world. Our challenge actually stemmed from something positive, which is that Gaylene is one of the most inspiring ladies we have ever met. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, has a great sense of humor, tremendously warm heart, strong values, ethics and dedication. With Gaylene at the helm, The Leadership Edge has been at the top of their industry for almost 30 years, which we believe says it all.  However, this was not a personal branding for executives project, and even with all these amazing qualities, nothing was showing through in their visual representation. The people who didn’t know about them, were robbed because of it. On top of all of that, The Leadership Edge has a few different target audiences, which proved to be an obstacle, because our goal was to clearly communicate what sets them apart and the benefits of working with them at all levels (ranging from the end-user to the buyer, all the way to the funders). 


As their brand development consultant, we were able to help them communicate to the different levels of their target audience by developing a strong brand voice and visual representation that shows their vast knowledge, history in the industry, as well as their fun and warm attitude. Gaylene herself said that giving their website a complete refresh, creating a new logo, and providing a new layout and design ideas, enabled them to put forth the image that was reflective of the innovative and high quality work they do.