Not your regular business law firm

We worked with Mari and Christian, the managing partners of HK Law, as their brand creator and brand strategy consultant, we had the opportunity to show the world their vastly different approach to lawyering and commitment to doing what is right for their clients. We did this by letting that approach shine brightly. We provided visual identity pieces such as logo variations, fonts and colors, WordPress design services and website development, as well as other digital and printed marketing assets such as letterhead, business cards, and more.

Scope of project


As always with our approach, the first shoes we had to fill was of a brand positioning consultant, we clarified HK Law’s brand position and the customers they serve. Next, our focus was on how to appropriately showcase their absolutely fantastic approach to lawyering and business in a humble way. Personal branding for lawyers can be a challenge because there are more rules that go into what you can say and put on a site, but for us, that’s what made it all the more exciting. Especially when we realized just how much they genuinely care about doing the right thing by their clients and making the world a better place.


Branding for law firms is something that can really set a firm apart. After working with us, Mari had to say that the value they received from their project went far beyond website design services. She said that our process challenged them to dig deep and identify who they are and how they show themselves to the world.