Golf Rules and Etiquette with Girlfriends

We worked with Marcela Smith, the Founder of Girlfriend’s Guide to Golf as her brand strategy consultant, to clarify her brand position, showcase who Marcela really is, and give her a platform where she could connect with her audience, offer services, and grow her following. We did this by taking her personal brand identity and reimagining it through professional personal branding services. We began by providing a brand strategy, and then followed up with visual identity pieces, website design services, website development, and digital and printed marketing assets.

Scope of project


The challenge presented to us with this project was to clarify Marcela’s brand’s position, so that it would show up online as vibrant, beautiful and fun, which is equivalent to who she is in real life. Yet we also wanted to keep her brand and website simple. Our main focuses were to make her site easy to navigate and use, as well as define the audience she serves.


By designing her personal brand identity to speak for her elegance and fun nature, as well as connect with her target audience, it has given Marcela a platform and stepping stone to offer her services of teaching golf rules, etiquette and style to several golf courses in the San Diego area and beyond. Since this project, Marcela has also been able to partner with several golf athleisure companies as a fashion ambassador!