Cultivate Financial Strength

We worked with Meg from Flow Financial Planning as her brand creator and digital brand consulting agency. With that came the opportunity to help her identify her target audience and provide visual identity pieces, as well as website design services and website development. We also provided other digital and printed marketing assets; exciting things like creating a client agreement that is actually fun to read through and sign! As well as standards like business cards, lead magnets, and more. Our mission was to give her a platform where she could truly be herself, and build a company that gives financial advice in a different way for women in tech.

Scope of project


With Flow the challenge came when we decided to ask the question if finances and building a strong financial future could be fun. Meg is a financial advisor who is witty, keeps it real, and is very straightforward (everything but your everyday advisor). As her brand strategy consultant, we knew we could use her personality as an advantage, so our challenge was to narrow down her niche, clarify her brand position, and then address how we could push the envelope in that specific market.


Meg gave us full freedom to explore totally different approaches to financial web design and the standard documents in the financial world (that might be slightly dry). The outcome being that they are now a delight to read through! Flow’s visual identity is happy and energetic, and has stood out from the crowd in such a positive way that it was called out on stage by the founder of XY Planning Network at the FPA Puget Sound Symposium as a fantastic example of a modern financial advisor’s website.