Your high-income years are for wealth-building.

We worked with Kaya from Earn into Wealth as her brand creator and digital brand consultant. With that came the opportunity to provide advice specific to personal branding for financial advisors, visual identity pieces that showcase how driven she is, website development and website design services, as well as other digital and printed marketing assets.

Scope of project


Our main challenge was clarifying Kaya’s brand position and the customers she serves, in order to communicate directly to her audience about who she is and how she can help them. As her brand strategy consultant, we were able to clarify that Earn into Wealth serves women who are building up to their first million and beyond.


Amongst other things, our specific wealth management website design initiative allowed Earn into Wealth to launch her brand with a collected confidence that led her to be noticed and chosen as one of Twenty Over Ten’s POC-owned advisory businesses with insanely great marketing. Which is definitely an outcome we are pleased to have been a part of.