At Cutwater We Are Dauntless Spirits

We worked with Cutwater Spirits as their web design consultant and web developer. Cutwater reached out to us to build their website and an application for taking a tour online, so they could sell their lovely beverages even if a customer couldn’t take a tour of the distillery in person (which happens to be a requirement here in Cali-land (AKA California)), and that is exactly what we did.

Scope of project


Cutwater spirits is an adventurous company with envelope pushing skills. Their focus was to build a brand that people wanted to interact and engage with. Our mission was to bring their exciting vision online through website development and website design services, and to keep pushing for creative solutions that would be simultaneously engaging, user friendly, and efficient.


Cutwater Spirit’s site outcome is one that you never want to stop exploring. It is easy to navigate and take an online tour of their distillery, and even easier to get purchase codes to stock up your home bar.

An online tour only at location

We created an online tour, to make sure to follow the legal requirements to sell spirits on location.
It can only be accessed at the distillery.
They are now able to track that the user has completed each section. After the user is finished, it spits out a confirmation code which they can use to be able to buy spirits there and then. Nifty.