Presently Exploring the World

We worked with Erika and Sean, the founders behind an adventure blog called Carmanah, as their brand development consultant and brand creator. With that came the opportunity to design visual identity pieces, offer WordPress consulting services and WordPress web design, as well as other digital and printed marketing assets, to match their needs as influencers, that differed slightly from our typical small business offerings.

Scope of project


If you ask me, Erika and Sean are the couple who has done life right, by creating a lifestyle where they are able to travel around the world by sea. They are down to earth and very genuine people who also want to provide a worldly-wise education for their children. Our challenge in defining their personal brand identity, was how to position their brand by creating an appealing visual identity that people would not only want to follow and engage with, but that would set them up for potential growth, and to possibly sell merchandise in the future too.


As result of working with us, Carmanah now has a brand that embodies world travel and encourages others to see the world as well. Being their creative brand consultant, this project was not only fun and inspiring to work on, but was a treat to hear that they literally set sail to live and embody their brand as soon as the project was finished. If that’s not something to aspire to, we don’t know what is.