Building a new era of consumption for IT services

Build Today approached us for website design and brand development. Jonathan Parnell, the genius behind the brand, gave us a clear idea of his goals for the brand in our discovery. This brand was/is amazing to work with, with an incredible vision and focus on making a heart-centered greater impact on the world through technology.

Scope of project


The challenge for Build Today was translating the genius brain talk into normal folk content so it is easier to digest. Not to mention achieving a visual identity that matched these guys, who are sharp as all get out. This was something we clearly wanted to showcase with their brand while articulating that Build Today is a definitive and speedy brand that is filled with expertise. They have dealt with major clients already that are in love with these exact values. Our job was to make sure that any new client found these standards clear and ideal.


Based on our talks we decided to keep a professional, efficient feel to Build Today. Branding materials were focused on a straight-forward, no fuss feel to present the speed and agile abilities of the business. Coming together, we pulled together a few different options with different color palettes. Ultimately, our choices wanted to present a strong, fast, energy (muted orange) combined with a deep charcoal tone that exhibits the ultimate professionalism of the company. And finally a logo that completed the no-fuss but complete work attitude.