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Photoshoot Guide + Checklist

Tired of the outdated stock photos on your website that aren’t showcasing your true values? This guide can be your little secret to visually optimizing your website with photos that show who you and your brand are. Gain insight into what photos you need for your site, how to find a photographer, and how to choose locations. And don’t miss the checklist to keep you organized on photoshoot day!

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Authenticity connects

A note from K!

Do you want your website to look 10X better?

While, stock photos are handy and can be great, nothing beats authentic photos. Photos of you create a trust with your client, they get to see your sense of style, your life, and importantly (especially in a remote workplace) your face! 

Is it worth it?

Spending the money and time on these photos will certainly pay off in the long run and will easily set your website way ahead of thousands of others!

i Hope this inspires you to get in front of the camera!