Most Important Factors When Building a Website

key things to build a website

You might think, that is having a logo, the latest technology or the best wordsmith of copy…

But nope, if you don’t know this one thing…it really doesn’t matter if you have the most thought out logo, flashy site or that it’s optimized for search engines….

The most important factor is knowing the intention with your website.

Breaking it down you need to know: 

Exactly what you are selling (you know, how you are offering your service, what your process is, the cost etc).

To who (your favorite client, the ones that give you no headaches, pay you, know your worth and scream your name at the top of their lungs to the rest of the world).

And how you want them to take action (sign up for a free consultation, fill out a prospect form, buy something etc.).

Having this crystal clear will not only transform your website, it will set you up for any success you are looking for!

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