Minor Changes To Change The World

Kindness. That’s it.

I believe if we all chose kindness, the world would be vastly different.

Some scenarios to inspire you to choose kindness:

Next time somebody gets upset with you in traffic or otherwise, send him/her good vibes. I’m sure they’ve had a rougher day than you. Give them grace, you might need it next time.


When somebody gets triggered and raises their voice to you, it actually has nothing to do with you. Ask what can be done differently next time. We all need support at times, and more often than not, we don’t know when that time is.


If someone is requesting a lot more of you than what’s agreed upon according to you, most likely all that is needed is clearer boundaries/ expectations or perhaps the someone has had a previously bad experience and is projecting that on you. Firm kindness is a thing.


If someone is not performing, ask yourself if you have set the right expectations and/or ask what possible changes will make a difference or maybe if they are just not clear on what the expectations are.


People with vastly different ideas or opinions; listen, it might be an opportunity for either of you to grow and evolve. We can be kind to one another, even if we don’t believe the same thing is true.


You can respectively decide to not surround yourself with people who you don’t share values with. Kindness would be to let them know what that reason is and maybe, just maybe you will find you have more in common than you think.

Kindness puts smiles in people’s hearts, it works like a ripple effect and that is one thing that should always keep rippling.

Let's Go!

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