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WHEN: 6:30am – 7:30am on Tuesdays & Thursdays
(please be a little early so we can start right at 6:30am to respect everybody who needs to get to work)

WHERE:  On the corner of 6th and Laurel, San Diego, CA

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Weekly topics

My “WHY” in My Career

Do you feel like everyone talks about finding your “why” or that you have to figure out your purpose and in all honesty it feels like you don’t know, and
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Business Highlight: Classy

Classy is a software company that does good. Okay, so what does that mean? Classy has developed software for online fundraising for nonprofit organizations. The entire idea started after the
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11 Things to Help You Do Anything

When asked what I would have done differently if I were to get to do life, business again… My first thought is, I’m not sure I would. I thoroughly believe
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Business Highlight: Wormwood

Emily in Paris has built a love for Parisian culture among viewers everywhere. With that rise, enters Wormwood, a French Bohme restaurant located in the middle of University Heights. Specializing
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Minor Changes To Change The World

Kindness. That’s it. I believe if we all chose kindness, the world would be vastly different. Some scenarios to inspire you to choose kindness: Next time somebody gets upset with
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Biggest Lessons I Learned Starting a Business

Starting your own business can be exciting and scary all at once. Yep, but I think all the best things have an aspect of excitement and a dash (or maybe
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Being Social

That has an entirely new meaning this past decade. And with that statement, I suddenly felt a bit old. To me “being social” has always meant that you are physically
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Business Highlight: Girlfriends Guide to Golf

A few years ago, Marcela Smith–an avid golfer came across an opportunity in the golf industry; as she noticed there was not a lot of great info for ladies about
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Thankful, Grateful, Cheerful

Yes, to all the above. This has been a wild year for all of us from world spanned diseases, natural disasters, political madness, women’s marches, Black Lives Matter, it seems
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What I believe

some of the best ideas are formed when you step away from your normal work environment and go outside. It has been shown time and again that exercise clears the mind while increasing productivity and creativity.

For that reason, I started this walking group.

It’s for business-minded ladies and gents who are interested in discussing and learning more about branding, positioning and expanding their businesses while getting their blood pumping.

I lead the workout group and provide different topics to get the discussion going each week: how to create and improve your brand, what to do to identify and attract your ideal client, how to position yourself to stand out in a saturated market, etc. We will also cover general business topics to help your business grow and run more smoothly. And, of course, this will be the perfect place to meet like-minded people and share experiences.

It’s time to Make A Move!

The Goal

to help people feel, be and do better by creating a space for physical activity and idea bouncing with other like-minded, business folk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we keep a fast walking pace so we actually get our heart rates up. During breaks we do some squats, sit-ups, push-ups etc. I would call it a light workout. But, let me put it this way, there will be no strolling!

It will vary, but probably somewhere between 3-8.

When we meet, we do quick introductions and then I introduce the topic(s) of the morning. I’ll guide you through the “hills” while I listen in on your conversation, share my thoughts and advice and make sure the conversation is on-topic and keeps flowing. Halfway through we break for some sit-ups, lunges and other pulse-increasing activities. We’ll end with a light stretch and a who-needs-who. Then, I hope you’ll jump into your day with fresh ideas and increased energy.

Really ready to get moving?

a 50-min brand review

I know there is soo much to know, from business model, designs, website, SEO, content marketing, and most of all not get parallelized in it all.  This session is designed to give you an overview, direction and take action.