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The Brand + Website Blueprint

How to build your brand + website on your own

The Brand + Website Blueprint is a comprehensive DIY Toolkit to gain clarity, empowering you to get organized, create, and launch your brand + website, so you can thrive in business.

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The Brand + Website Blueprint is the right fit if you are:

Experienced in business

If you are a service provider who is ready to run business your way, and/or you need an online hub to offer your services. There is just no way around that today. This course will make it happen. It will save you time, give you clarity, build a solid foundation, and give you an online presence to start growing your business.

New to business

Are you dreaming about starting a business? I know it can feel overwhelming with all the pieces that need to fall into place. I mean, you just want to open your door for business, and look good doing it, right? This course will give you all the fundamental pieces to get you going. It will help you take those first steps…which is all you really need to get into motion and make a greater impact.

Action takers

Not ready, but starting anyway? You are my kind of human! That’s how I started. I wanted to be a graphic designer, but that meant I had to learn a whole slew of things to make that possible. The early missing pieces didn’t stop me, and lucky for you I can now guide you so you don’t have to worry about missing them! You are doing the right thing – asking for help! I searched high and low on the interwebs to put the puzzle together. With this course, you will find peace by getting the pieces I learned over the past decade all in one place.

Karin somehow took my verbal ideas and thoughts and turned them into a visual vision, which became a story board for my logo and turned into the working draft for my website. I don't know how she is able to hear someone talk about a business and then work her magic to produce a brand. It's quite amazing! I'm so impressed with her listening skills, vision, and design talents. I highly recommend Karin and her team to anyone wanting to build a brand and have their voice be heard.

Marcela Smith

It's time to start

Tired of feeling like this?

If I could just get something up and running online, then I could at least start my business.

I feel so overwhelmed with all I need to do and all the different options I need to sift through.

I'm not clear on how to hone in on what type of ideal client I should have, or how to connect with them.

When you want to feel like this…

I'm excited to start my business, look good online and build my dream!

I finally have the ability to run a business how I think it should be run.

I love having someone to ask for advice when I'm stuck.

What this course will give you

I know the feeling of wanting to start a business but having no idea where to start…

There are so many things to know and do to create a website and build a business. I know it makes you feel stuck. I know because I have been there. I talk to people like you nearly every day. Yes, you can hand it over to a professional, which will be pricey, but there is another way!

One step at the time, with my guidance.

There are plenty of options out there to help you set up a website, but The Brand + Website Blueprint is a one-of-a-kind course where you will learn exactly what pieces you need to set up your brand, content, website and online presence to connect with your audience and have my step-by-step guidance along the whole way – priceless.

By the end of this program you will:

Have clarity

Harness your uniqueness, and identify your bigger mission.

Nailed down your offer

Learn how to define your number, how you stand out, and how to give back, even when you are small.

Logo completed

Without having to know design, we’ll find your colors and create your logo

Have top-notch photos

Receive a guide on what, how and where to shoot, along with a check list of types of shots you need.

Know how to market

Learn how to communicate with ease and create content your audience wants.

Launched your site

With no tech skills you will learn how to set up a website that does the work for you when you are away.

Imagine having your website and business completely ready to go...

The Brand + Website Blueprint course is designed to give you exactly what you need to set up your business online. 
It launches soon.
It has 5 modules and 2 weeks of implementation.

The best part 

I will be there alongside you during the whole process, because we all need support to go great places. 

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