How to Create a Personal Brand

The best thing about a personal brand is that you get to be, just you.

Yes, I know, this can sometimes be a little tricky, because it brings to the surface some deep questions, like:

“Who are you really? Why are you doing what you are doing? What kind of values are important to you? How do you want to show up?”

If you ask me, those are all fabulous questions and a reason why I love what I do. I love to dive deep and bring out the golden nuggets that you have.

That is really what it is. Highlight your unique traits or quirks and use them to your benefit. Then swirl that up with the offerings you have, and you will never have to compete for work ever again.

That unique combination is your “magic” trick.

Yes, it will exclude potential clients and yes you want to do that.

I don’t know how often I hear, “I don’t want to exclude anyone.”

I get that. It feels a little backwards, because you want to serve as many as possible. The truth is that you shouldn’t and you can’t…at least not in a way where you can deliver a great outcome and client experience. At the end of the day, that is what you are looking for and what your clients are looking for – a great experience.

The only exception for this is when you are just starting out.

You want to take all the work you can so you can pay bills and figure out who your ideal client is, what your process is and/or how to optimize it. But as soon as you can start filtering out the people who are most fitted to work with you, I highly recommend you do that. It will be life changing.

A silly example, but here it is: would you want to go to a cardiologist to have your broken foot fixed?

They are both doctors, however, it doesn’t mean a cardiologist can help you in the specific way you need.  Same goes for you. By honing in on your way of being and doing, as well as what and how you offer your services, you will become the sought-after expert in that specific area.  People will know where to go. You will not be lost in an ocean of sameness. You will have a much easier time creating your experience, because you are not trying to talk to everyone, but rather a specific group who you understand and can support.

That sidetracked us a bit to branding in general, so to bring it back to creating a personal brand, I want to wrap it up with this: don’t be afraid to dive deep and own your ways. Your people will love it (and you will love the results too).

Hint: Most often your ideal client is very much like you.

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