Are You Charging Like You’re Selling Last Years Model?

I have noticed something that affects us all, regardless of where you are at in your business-building career or which field you are in.

I have experience working with a wide range of professionals, specifically within the financially industry.

One struggle has remained constant among all individuals: Charging what you are worth.

Yep, it really does not matter where you are on your business journey or what field you work in.

It takes courage to believe in yourself and your vision.  And it seems that if you are in the professional field the world assumes you are born with courage….and that is not always the case.

I also know that from going through the struggle of charging my worth. In order to grow, you must constantly challenge your way of thinking on just about everything, including correctly interpreting your worth as a price tag.

I frequently look at how businesses charge for their services because it is directly related to connecting your brand to your target audience.

Are you running (or have a desire to run) a small business with less clients who get a top-notch expertise with one of kind white glove royal treatment? Or do you run (or hope to run) a business where you have less touch points, a higher number of clients, and an automated process with immense value delivered?

Either way, I know you have a unique perspective on how you do business, and you do business right, meaning you give way more than what is expected from you.

So to you I say: It is okay to charge for it!

Heck, it is not just okay, you should charge for it.

Here is why…

The thing is, when you get compensated for the value you give, you get inspired and excited to give even more. Then your clients gets thrilled of the value they recived and before you know it, you start looking at how you can optimize and provide even more. That is what happens when you get some breathing room, or in this case a financial boost, you create space to make a greater impact.

I have had many clients share their visions with me, what they want to do and how they do business, which has resulted in me encouraging them to increase their price.

Like clockwork, a few months later I get a call from the same client, as they do a happy dance on the other side of the phone, because they finally got the courage to increase their pricing and they are continuing to book out despite their increase in fees.

Great value = Charge for it = Happy dance. 

(In short, basically all I am saying is – let’s dance more!! ;))

Ok hold up, when do you know it is time to increase?  Because of course you need to be in the right place for it too.  This might sound a bit fluffy, but you will feel it. If you have just even begun playing with idea of increasing your prices, do it. You have already waited too long.

If you just started your business or changed it up in one way or another and it feels like things are coming at you from all different directions, you may be feeling like you can hardly see the light. You feel overwhelmed and not sure how to make it work. This is a sign that it is rather time to simplify your work/process.  Rinse and repeat what you are offering, so it starts flow more easily. After going through that for some time, it will starts to flow better. For example, you will probably even feel like those sells calls actually seem kind of fun and don’t need a lot of prep.  Then we are back to that feeling I was talking about above, where you feel more confidence in your offerings, and it’s time to charge more.

I know, you immediately think, “If I charge more, am I going to lose clients?” The truth is, you might lose the ones you have out-grown. 

In the end, you will gain more of the ones you want to work with, the ones who value your worth. 

Yep, that is how it works.

Have you thought about changing how you charge for your services? Maybe?

Hit reply and let me know what you are working on.

I am here to support you in your dance.

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