Are You Thinking About Giving Up On Your Dream?

Entrepreneurship can be such a rollercoaster.

Last week was hard, really hard…like collapse on the floor kind of hard. 

It had me wondering, “Why the heck did I make this choice of running a service-based business? Was I totally bananas or just straight up crazy to think that was a good idea?”

I had not signed up for incredibly-difficult-clients-who-no-matter-what-you-suggest-think-you-are out-to-get-them… I’m still slightly in shock.  I like to think of myself as kind, fair, straight-forward, collaborative and extremely patient… or am I not?!

Am I losing my mind?  

Maybe my way of asking for feedback is totally wack-a-doodle?

Do I really know how to communicate clearly?

Do I know how to design stuff?

The doubts came raining in like a tropical rainstorm.

You know the feeling, I bet.

Negative bias. Is. No. Joke.

“The negative bias is our tendency not only to register negative stimuli more readily but also to dwell on these events. Also known as positive-negative asymmetry, this negativity bias means that we feel the sting of a rebuke more powerfully than we feel the joy of praise”

This can be hard to handle on your own. Having a community of entrepreneurial friends is essential. Luckily, I have a group of them.

A logical mind, that is objective, can do absolutely wonders to help you get out of that state. 

The best thing with these not-so-fun situations, is that if you look at it from the perspective of learning and opportunity, and taking an honest look at how you handle it, the better you will be at handling it next time. Growth opportunity. I’ll take two, please!

There are a whole lot of different situations that can get to us. I don’t know what it is for you… but for me, I struggle with people not seeing me for who I am, not being able to communicate how things work….I mean the stuff I do for a living, day in and day out…the stuff I get paid the big bucks for.

Well, such is life. Onward upward.

My takeaways:

  • Stronger boundaries – keep an eye out for orange flags, and don’t let them turn red.
  • Sharpen the process, always.
  • Some days I design, some I do research, some I guide clients, some days I deal with lawyers. It all is just part of running a business.


And Negative Bias, is just that… and I get to choose every day, on my own, what to focus on.

So today, I’ll read the sweet, appreciative messages a couple of extra times.

Always be better,

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