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Time to do some good in the community!

I am a part of Rotary, a fabulous organization with fantastic philosophy that everyone should check out.  (No, it is not only “old, rich, white guys” that are allowed. That stereotype is as old as the electric light and I suspect my membership proves it untrue!)  I recently  got the opportunity to help bring one of their projects to the web to make it easier to accept donations.

Fiji Home Water Filters is a project to help filter the drinking water for Fijians in the Savusavu area.   Debra Gookin (Rotary member) is in charge of the project and has a personal connection to Fiji.  She has witnessed the extreme need of clean water with her own eyes.  With that knowledge, her kindness and Rotary’s platform she was able to get this project in motion.

The filtration system itself is a very simple and cost effective solution. The techniques and process are easily taught to the people in the villages and the system is sustainable which is essential to the longevity of the project.

In order to reach more potential donors, I suggested we bring the project to the web.  We would be able to include more information as well as set up the site so that it could be easily and regularly updated. That would make it great for the people that have already donated and could now follow along and see the progress and how their support was being utilized.

It really was fun and fulfilling to easily make such a big difference. The craziest part of it all was that not many weeks after the site went live, the project was fully funded!!  That credit mainly goes to Debra, who has obviously put a lot of time and effort to the project.  Feel free to have a look at the Fiji Home Water Filters site and follow the progress from there!

Clean water, bucket by bucket.





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