Feeling Fresh! How to Make Your Website Look Updated + Clean

Don't let your website turn away potential clients due to being dated and tired. Attract the right people with a fresh, updated and clean website.

We’ve all clicked onto a website that was out-dated. You wonder if the business is still around, and then the little inkling of “maybe my computer is getting a virus just by spending a tiny bit of time here,” clicks in. Yep. An outdated website can deter potential clients, negatively impact your brand, and decrease your search engine rankings. Plain and simple, you don’t want it and if you are needing some help then this is the place to find some practical tips to refresh your website and ensure it radiates freshness and relevance.

What Makes a Website Look Out of Date?

Out of Date Website Design: A website design that hasn’t been updated in several years can quickly start to look stale. The main signs are outdated graphic elements (think minecraft),  overly complex menus, and cluttered layouts. Worse yet is that these designs fail to function efficiently on modern devices like smartphones and tablets, leading to a frustrating user experience.

Outdated Content: Content that is no longer relevant or hasn’t been updated in a long time can make your site feel abandoned. This includes blog posts with old data, “latest news” sections that aren’t current, and promotional material for past events.

Non-Responsive: A sure sign of a website that is losing you business is one that isn’t responsive at all. Yes, those still exist. They don’t adjust for mobile, glitch, take forever to load or simply do not. 

Outdated Website Examples: Some telltale examples of outdated websites include those using Flash animation, which is no longer supported by most web browsers, or sites with low-resolution images that look poor on today’s high-definition screens.

By identifying these elements, you can take the first step towards revamping your site. Now, let’s dive into how to fix an out-of-date website and breathe new life into it.


How to Fix an Out of Date Website

A Present Day Outlook: Embrace simplicity and functionality in your redesign. Modern websites prioritize a clean layout, intuitive navigation, and responsive design that adjusts seamlessly across all devices. Consider hiring a professional designer who specializes in fresh website design to ensure your site is both beautiful and practical.

Update Copyright Date: An often-overlooked detail is the copyright date in the website footer. Updating this annually or using a script to automatically keep it current can help make your site appear more up-to-date.

Post New Content: Regularly posting new content is key to keeping your website fresh. This could be blog articles, case studies, or updates about your services and products. New content not only keeps your audience engaged but also helps improve your SEO rankings.

Refresh Existing Content: Take a look at your existing content and identify pieces that are outdated or no longer reflect your brand accurately. Think of it with a very intuitive mindset, perhaps even by investing in our Brand Audit, or by following our tips to conduct your own. Updating your dated articles, replacing old images with newer higher quality versions, and ensuring that all information is current can significantly enhance the appeal of your site.

While, Y2K is the on trend fashion moment, it isn’t for your digital presence. Your old website doesn’t have to slowly disappear, you can transform it into a vibrant, engaging, and professional online presence that attracts and retains your people. Remember, your website is often the first impression potential clients have of your business, so make it count by keeping it fresh and up-to-date.

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