Thankful, Grateful, Cheerful

Yes, to all the above.

This has been a wild year for all of us from world spanned diseases, natural disasters, political madness, women’s marches, Black Lives Matter, it seems like the world is boiling over… like it’s had enough of us humans living our selfish lives, not caring about the earth nor one another.

Yet we are trying to do our best wherever we are on the journey, at least I like to hope so.

A lot of people have lost their jobs, decided not to go back to them, or re-imagined their type of work and some have done absolutely fantastic. 

Wherever you have been, you can look at it as problems, or you can flip it around and see it as opportunities, to stand-up and try again, to try something different or to do even better. By simply reframing, life can be much more beautiful.

I hope you see opportunities everywhere.

I feel incredibly thankful, grateful and cheerful to be here, be alive and doing what I love beyond words. 

However, first, it’s not like that every day and second, not all are, so be kind to yourself and one another. I believe it’s pertinent to be aware that we don’t know what people are going through, and not assume life is as fabulous as it might look in some (virtual) places.

Make it a practice to be patient, to take one more breath before you possibly snap, to try to understand, listen and appreciate the people around you.

The thing is, we all want to be acknowledged and heard, it’s not always easy but always worth the extra effort. 

What you will give freely, will come back to you.

With love and gratitude,

How to Up Your Game – Nerd Style

Success is subjective.

Meaning that it looks different for everyone.
I was recently in a bit of a rut…not the normal motivation and drive I typically have (even before coronavirus started putting all of us into a tizzy). So even though I sort of want to just hide, my logical mind knows that the only way to get out of it, is to make some moves.

Not always easy, but necessary.

Sooo, I made a chart and created a 30 day challenge for myself to track a few activities that are important to me, (using big Xs to make sure I do them).

Creating a visual has always helped me, it’s tangible and real aaand I get to check things off and that feeling just makes any rut at least a tiny bit better!

That being said, big goals are fabulous and got to have them, but I believe it’s the small ones that make the big difference, really.

That is why I listed the things I wanted to do on the Y axis and days on the X axis, and I get a big X on completion every day!


Now I can easily keep myself accountable and see when I do well (…and not so well).

My Y axis:

1. Movement— got to move every day even if it’s just a walk in the park (pun…sort of intended)

2. Sugarless days (with one cheat day)— I love to bake, Swedish candy and such and sometimes I might have a tendency to over do it… so it’s time to keep my self in check!

3. Social interactions— If you want interaction you need to interact. (Which is easier said than done, if you ask me.)

4. Daily Journal— Everyone always talks about journaling, everywhere… and I sort of journal… but now I’m testing out the hype!

4 big Xs in a day, and I’m happy(ier)!

How about you, how do you get yourself to make moves?

What Salsa has Taught Me

What salsa has taught me

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Don’t give up on your goals

  #MAKE A MOVE It is probably about 6 weeks out from the time that you set some big goals. I know the last time I emailed you I told you I made some goals that were non-negotiable. But guess what, even though I deemed them non-negotiable, I haven’t been perfect. It is easy to make excuses, and […]

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