Business Highlight: Wormwood

Emily in Paris has built a love for Parisian culture among viewers everywhere. With that rise, enters Wormwood, a French Bohme restaurant located in the middle of University Heights.

Specializing in serving the much-gossiped about Green Fairy (absinthe), Wormwood aims to educate while nourishing the minds of the San Diego with the area’s first absinthe bar.

Eating at Wormwood is a transitional experience, you truly feel as if you are sitting in a French café. Couple in a tasting of one of their exceptional absinthe choices with their insanely fabulous food and you are in Belle Époque Paris!  

I love design and interior design is no different. I had my party in the Secret Garden, a parking lot restored to a wonderful serene setting. Now, I can talk about the wonderful setting and experience that dining at Wormwood is all day, but of course I need to touch on their branding + website as well 😉!

 Wormwood’s branding is on point. From the small green fairy logo, that is extended into their menu. I adore their soft pieces, and the first photo on the website is perfect. I love how they use different flatware, textures and colors to bring a sweet, french, caring sentiment. However, what I find the most exciting about Wormwood is their efforts to educate its consumers, from absinthe classes to tarot reading classes. They are offering experiences surrounding their identity, which is electrifying.

Taking a small trip to and you find a site filled with beautiful professional photographs. There are little snippets of what to expect in “Le jardin secret”, absinthe options and a quaint absinthe carafe display. You will feel FOMO without even realizing that after one view of these photos!

Wormwood has a fabulous social media presence. This beautifully combines everything they worked to portray in person and online into the social media world. A soft, airy grid allows you to view happy customer’s testimonials, gorgeous drink options and delicious eats. Even better you get to meet the Wormwood genius’ on staff which helps give off a homey, known-you forever feel.


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