Business Highlight: Hungry Workshop

This month we are focusing on a business on the other side of the pacific ocean

Hungry Workshop is a modern letterpress and design company based in Melbourne, Australia. They work with Melbourne’s leading creatives to produce timeless letterpress and specialty prints with unmatched quality (and probably sustainable efforts when it comes to letterpress, too).

At Hungry Workshop, sustainability is second nature. It is embedded in their process, their method, and their people. All of their work, including their letterpress, is powered by green energy.

Just like their clients, Hungry Workshop obsesses over the details. They consider the finished product, the materials they use, and ultimately the impact they are having on the world through each and every one of those details. For example, even the paper stocks they use and recommend are uncoated, recycled, and often tree-free (Now that is a company who has thought of everything!).

On that note, I have to mention their incredibly funky, yet creative website. Hungry Workshop uses their website to give you a glimpse into their work, using minimal, sleek fonts to showcase their specialty in letterpress. From the eyes of an individual who organically stumbled upon this website I would get the feeling that this company is comprised of engineers who are mechanics of their craft, what I would soon learn to be letterpress printing. Achieving that essence before people even read a word on your site is what I call IMPECCABLE branding.

That said, their finished products are elegant with an edge that I love as well. I mean, when this company says they care about quality— they mean it. They work with clients all across the board from artists to artisans, builders, bakers, chefs, creators, makers, tailors, and tinkerers; and they do so on a variety of different products from packaging, books and invitations, to business cards, swing tags, menus, stationary, gift cards and so much more.

In a world that is so digital, I love to see companies like this who not only still remember how important design is in terms of physical materials and assets but thrive at the intersection of creativity and physical creation.

For those of you that do not know, when I’m not creating digital designs, I love doing DIY projects and getting my creative juices flowing while using my hands; and I would venture to say that that is exactly where these folks’ happy place lies.

Did I mention that their workshop is also the epitome of great branding too? Their workshop, their website, and their final product all fit so well together; it makes my branding soul sing.

Furthermore, something super cool about them is that they also host in-person letterpress workshops! So, if you are like me and you love creating things with your hands, and/or you are interested in learning about letterpress, you should definitely check out the classes they host. I know for me, (once this pandemic is over) and next time I’m in Melbourne (which is soon I hope!)— I’ll definitely be popping in for a class!

So, if you are in Australia and want to support a company who is doing business the right way, truly understands that their work holds weight, and ultimately is making a greater impact by making an elevated way of doing business, second nature… Then I would highly recommend you check these hungry craftsmen out at their website, right here.

I hope this inspires you to elevate your own business and remember that making a greater impact does not have to be ‘extra’. It can be something we all do as default.

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