Business Highlight: Holden & Kelly Law Group

I am proud to introduce KHD’s fourth business highlight, and second featured client, a business that deserves recognition for the innovative, kind approach they are taking on the law industry.

Holden & Kelly Law Group, PLLC, also known as HK Law, is led by a powerful male and female duo, Christian and Mari, whose vision began in their law school library. They prioritize their clients, supporting them in reaching their goals while bringing positive change into the world.

In addition to being a powerful, kind duo, I am proud to call this admirable business a client. As I mentioned in my first Monthly Business Highlight, it is always an honor to highlight clients who I have gotten to know professionally, which often leads to personally, while admiring the way they interact and do business.

What drew me to highlighting HK Law is the incredible contrast between their team and what most envision the typical lawyer to be like.

As one who values clear, honest communication, I was immediately captivated by the way they engage and deliver their insight with clients. Rather than making clients feel intimidated by the overwhelmingly complicated law terms that come with the job, they do an incredible job of sharing their warmth in anything they do, making me feel like I am being wrapped in cotton candy!

One small thing that caught my eye is how Mari signs her emails with gratitude, literally. The goodness is in the details.

This is something I appreciate, as I believe an individual’s choice of words says a lot about their brand, business, and who they are as a person.

As a professional, you have the choice of how you interact with your clients, one I believe HK Law does authentically with professionalism and kindness.

When working with Holden & Kelly Law Group, together we created a beautiful and well thought out brand, one that was created on the foundation of symbolism.

Christian shared his fascination with recurring symbols and patterns, specifically the constellations in the night sky. He is a self-proclaimed symbols guy, and believes that “a well designed symbol has the ability to communicate in ways that words are not capable”.

I took their perspectives and global vision into consideration when creating their icon. With the use of communication via hidden messages, such as “HK” uniquely intertwined within the constellation, I incorporated another important element of symbolism, a cube. Together we were able to create an icon that has become the recognizable symbol of their business

Like their icon, they were focused on emphasizing their traditional and non-traditional services, while directing their approach on uniquely tailoring their work to their clients.

This approach resonated with me as I tailor my approach specifically to each client, from organization of a client’s website to the details of their icon. I, like Christian and Mari, are committed to each client’s values as well as creating a greater impact on our global society.

If you are an individual like myself who values working with genuine, vision-centered individuals, those who understand the value in turning the unexpected into unforeseen potential, then Christian and Mari are your people. While they may not be your typical cut and dry lawyer, they will provide you with an experience unlike any other, a duo you will forever be grateful to have worked with.

Gratitude to have worked with you, Christian and Mari!

I hope this inspires you to use kindness in your business!

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