Business Highlight: HessConnect

HessConnect marketing agency
How often do we as business owners think we have all our ducks in a row and then realize we forgot one MAJOR step.


Yeah for some of us, it strikes fear into our hearts, simply because there is a lot to it. Once upon a time, it was a newspaper ad, questioning if we wanted full-page or half in that magazine…or if we should splurge for the radio advertisement. Now, we question: is TikTok our demographic? Or would we be better suited to hit Facebook, Instagram…or should I stay in my business lane in LinkedIn? It gets to be a lot.

Luckily, there are beautiful, magnificent minded souls attuned to marketing and all those big decisions. One of those is my great friend behind HessConnect, Viveca Hess. 

Some may think branding and marketing are one and the same…but they are not. Branding builds the foundation, which allows folks like Viveca to do the marketing, they do go hand-in-hand. 

Viveca Hess is a fellow Swedish American, she worked in a law firm as a lawyer but found herself managing the marketing and communications for them and thoroughly enjoying it. So, in 2009, she rerouted herself and started HessConnect. Today, HessConnect has created inspirational online content for lawyers.

HessConnect stays so much in the loop that people are able to learn from Viveca in numerous ways from podcasts, blogs, to seminars and teachings. The goodness is spread wide! 

What I adore about HessConnect comes down to the ease and straight-forwardness from Viveca. Of course, her dashes of silliness definitely brighten marketing up for me! All the success factors I consistently preach about are utilized. HessConnect knows who their ideal clients are, what they are offering and tells the viewer exactly what they want them to do. It’s hard to beat a business with this much clarity! 

Additionally, I love the use of brand colors HessConnect uses. The bold, statement red truly exhibits the power, strength and determination that the company will put into marketing any business. 

Another thing HessConnect understands for themselves where their potential clients are hanging out, and so the brand does not stretch itself thin being in places that won’t gain traction. This is clear through her specialization with LinkedIn, and that is where she hangs out and posts. We don’t see a ton of posts on Instagram, where her ideal clients (lawyers) are not.

Simply put, you don’t hang out in a crossfit gym when you are a gymnast.

To me, this shows a brand identity clarity that multiple brands struggle with.

I felt the need to highlight HessConnect because I do often find myself going to Viveca for a helpful tidbit or two, and even better, following her on LinkedIn gives you all that and more! 

So, if you are looking for help in the marketing realm, especially in LinkedIn give HessConnect a follow today!

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