Business Highlight: Church of Music

If you know me, you know I love to dance.

There is no better feeling than being on the dance floor, feeling the freeing energy created by smiling strangers, knowing that you are all here for the common purpose: to dance. 

As the light at the end of the tunnel slips open, dance floors are beginning to make a comeback in very creative ways. One organization that came alive due to the barriers of dance floors during the pandemic is Church of Music, founded by one of the most bold, courageous, and amazing women I know, Alina Gordon, who I am proud to call my soul sister.

This month’s business highlight is one that is close to my heart.

When people in my surroundings do massive things, I want to support them all the way. Alina is doing exactly that. She is materializing a dream of creating a compassionate community with boundaries and a focus on impact.

You may be thinking, “How were people finding places to dance during the pandemic?”.

Well, Church of Music, often known to parishioners (attendees) as COM or “church”, is a weekly service experience where love is their faith, music is their religion, and dancing is their practice. Just like many other religions, service takes place every weekend, mixing between Saturday and Sunday, at a different, beautiful, outdoor San Diego location.

COM’s Mexico Experience is just the beginning of a global vision, one which includes sharing the COM Ethos with the world. 

Unlike other dance floors which can often be filled with drugs and alcohol, Church of Music was established on ten beliefs, known as the COM Ethos. These beliefs set COM apart from other dance floors, creating an inclusive, communal environment rather than a rave-like setting.

The COM Ethos are as follows:

Unlike the common rave culture, which is often stigmatized as dangerous and harmful, this ethos is emphasized at each service and has created a community founded on music and connection.

For many, they have never heard of an ethos, I get that. So, to help our fellow parishioners, as well as future parishioners, understand what makes COM the beautiful environment that it is, I broke down each portion of the ethos to bring light to the careful intentions which were taken into consideration when creating the ethos.

1. Radical Inclusion

Accepting all humans/ aliens, old and young, any race, faith, gender, and political view.

2. Gifting/Participation

Who doesn’t love gifts? COM parishioners love to share and everyone is encouraged to share their gifts/ talents. Although sharing is encouraged, mindfulness of space and acceptance is necessary, and anyone is free to decline with kindness.

3. Decommodification

The world is full of things, COM puts more value on nature, love, and connection over commodities. 

4. Radical Self-Reliance

A beautiful trust on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others.

5. Communal Effort

Without community, we are nothing. We come together to co-create magic together in our weekly services.  

6. Civic Responsibility

Actively participate in the COM community, we want to get to know and give back to our community! When we care, give, and show respect for the people, places, and spaces we are in, the world becomes better for all!

7. Leave No Trace!

Leave the world better than we found it. We are guests on this planet. COM Parishioners leave every space we occupy better than we find it. 

8. No Alcohol/Open Containers

COM is not a rave, we are not a party. We are here to dance and celebrate one another with clear minds and raise our vibrations.

9. Radical Self-Expression

Be YOU. This is your space! Wear what makes you feel free, dance however your body moves, be who you want to be.

10. Take Care of the Machines (Bodies)

We get one body, treat it with respect. When we treat our bodies with love,  we treat the machines that assist us with respect and all the equipment that provides the ability for us to make our magic for all. 

Together, parishioners and COM Crew ensure that the ethos remains at the foundation of each weekend service, reminding the community that we are together for one reason: to enjoy music, dance, and create community where all are welcome and respected.

Another exciting part is their logo, which I created! Inspired by Alina, a church window, sunshine, community, and of course bold creative colors, their logo is now widely known in San Diego.

If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, it’s time.

COM’s location changes weekly. To find out where they are all you need to do is send Church of Music a donation via Venmo (@COMSD) of your choosing ($35 suggested), and the location will be sent to you!

If you want to be a part of something uniquely different, love dancing to incredible music, see live ballet, electric violin, fire dancers, and much more, go check them out @churchofmusicsd on Instagram and join one of their services!

I hope to see you on the dance floor!

As COM Parishioners say, In Music We Trust.

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