Brand + Website Audit

50 min video consultation

Have a brand and a site but need some guidance?
Whoa, I know there is so much to know — logo, layout, colors, website, SEO, content marketing — and most of all, not get paralyzed by it all. This session is designed to give you an overview, direction and it will require you to take action.

I know how it is

I have been where you are. I went the trial and error path…sure, I learned a lot, but it takes a long time.
I wish I had somebody to ask for help. Yeah, I had YouTube access too, but having an actually conversation with somebody that has “been there, done that” is a totally different experience.

I now provide what I wish I had

so if you are anything like who I was

This is for you if:

This will happen:

You have had your small business for a while and feel like you are constantly swimming upstream.

You have a site, but it might not be exactly what you want but it has to work for now.

You have an idea of your offering, but not really… and pricing, in all honesty, it’s a bit unclear.

You know you need to have search engine optimization in order, but not sure exactly what to do.

You want to bounce some ideas on what to do next.

What previous clients said

Not sure what's next?

We should talk.