Optimize your homepage

The most valuable space on your homepage is above the fold – it’s what the viewer sees before they scroll. This is your golden opportunity to convey the benefit of working with you or buying your product. Remember: your homepage is one of the first impressions clients...

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Attracting your ideal audience

Before you can figure out how to reach your ideal audience, first figure out what they like to do and where they spend their time (whether online or in person). By paying closer attention to the interests of your clients, you can put your time and energy towards...

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Share you social presence easily

Have you ever heard of a vanity URL? It’s an example of a small change that can make a huge difference for your brand, business and marketing efforts. First make sure that you have a dedicated social media presence for your business. Next, take a minute to set up...

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Do you exercise regularly?

Getting regular exercise in my personal life is critical to staying productive and creative in my work life. Sometimes you have to step away from work to get the best ideas, not to mention that necessary burst of energy that comes from getting your blood pumping....

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Get stuff done!

We all make To Do lists in one form or another but that’s not always enough. How can we better knock off each item? Here are three tried and true suggestions to help you GET STUFF DONE. One of them is simple but absolutely life changing, trust me. In the process of...

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