Are you being consistent?

Let’s talk touch points. How do you ensure that your clients or customers are crystal clear about who you are, what you’re great at and who you provide services for? (Here’s a hint: continuity in your presentation!) When was the last time you reviewed your marketing...

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How are you showing up?

How do you ensure that you’re making the right impression? Well, that’s 100% up to you. It’s important to show up as your best self - to reflect your values, ideas and aspirations in all manners of life. Here are some ways to think about what that means for you and...

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What are your action steps to reach your goals?

Setting a goal is one thing, but making it happen is a totally different ballgame. One word: PLANNING. Want some advice on how to make it interactive and productive? I’m trying something new this year that I would highly recommend. I get together with a colleague once...

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What marketing are you doing and why?

Marketing boils down to communicating your value directly to your audience. My audience enjoys physical activity (and so do I!) so I came up with a brilliant way [if you ask me] to provide exercise and a discussion of the what, why, how, etc. of all aspects of...

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Who do you want to work with?

What's the first thing we think about when establishing our target audience? Who could benefit from our products or services. But, have you ever stopped to think about the types of clients and customers that YOU want to interact with? Try this: Identify your very...

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Why are you doing what you’re doing?

First establish the WHY, then establish the plan. Recognizing the intentions behind your projects will allow you to build out your next steps with clarity and confidence. And you may even find that you’re not doing what you want to be doing. Save yourself some time by...

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