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KHD, yo.

Karin, like [car-in]

I was made in Sweden, but now live in San Diego, CA and I’m somewhere between an American and a Swede – although…my heart will always be with Sweden.

You see, around the interwebs, I’m known for minimalistic and thoughtful design. Form blended w/ function is where it’s at, if you ask me.

In other words, my days are filled with helping driven folks like you stand out, look as brilliant as the services you provide while creating a strategy that will get you connected with whom you want to serve. 

If you have a big vision, but you’re not sure how to put it together  – I’m your gal.

But, how did I get here?

As a youngin, I spent all my time figure skating, making costumes with my mom and competing all over Europe. There was always something creative going on, whether it was painting, developing new products (oh yes, I had a “club” that designed solutions and things to be more functional, at like 11 years old…?!)

What got me here to the states though was….Golf! Yep, I got a golf scholarship after playing on the Scandinavian tour. I was certain that’s what I wanted to do, so when I got paid to come play in the U.S. – I was all in.

But, when I arrived at a small university in New Mexico, I had a slight wake-up call … not exactly what I envisioned in my head.  I learned a lot – quickly.

Then my life took a turn. I was in a motorcycle accident wearing no helmet, no leather and no common sense at all. I was tossed 30 yards off the bike and…survived. I was airlifted to a hospital that could handle all my injuries; I had broken or shattered almost every bone on the right side of my body.  The recovery process was grueling, but there was never a second thought. I knew what I wanted.

Right there and then life changed, forever.

After recovery, I finished my BFA degree in Computer Art and Design and even though I was slightly lost on how to apply my degree, I knew I was here to do something bigger. After all, I was given a second chance in life.

Now I know, my “bigger thing” – my why – was and is helping others design and build their grand visions to make a greater impact.  For me that is to share my knowledge on how to build a strong foundation, how doing things the right way from the beginning sets you up for the long run, how using your unique skills make you come “alive” figuratively and literally and lastly how having a clear vision will set you up for tremendous growth.

My crew, yup I'm nothing without them.

Julika Kade

Graphic Designer
Julika’s designs are thoughtful, considered, and aesthetically pleasing, working at the intersection of modernism and function. She thrives in an active environment and her graphic design reflects a contemporary approach. She sees the world around her as a continuous source of inspiration and feels fortunate to have grown up in two cultures, Germany and the U.S. When not busy designing, you can find Julika enjoying the sunny side of San Diego, from boating and bodysurfing in its beautiful waters to hiking and skiing in the surrounding mountains.

Jonathan Blankenberg

Web Developer
Jon has a passion for problem solving and a sense of determination that keeps him working into the late hours of the night. He has over a decade experience in web development and works with many languages, most often html, css, php and javascript. When he isn't hard at work solving difficult problems, you can find him cooking, laughing with friends or looking for buried treasure.

Chandler HIser

Social + Marketing Coordinator
Chandler was raised on an Arabian horse and Angus cattle ranch in Wyoming. She holds her professional training cards for the National Reining Horse Association, United States Equestrian Federation and Arabian Horse Association. While, training show horses on the side, she completed a Bachelors of Marketing degree through Colorado State University Global program. Today, she lives in Colorado while managing social media accounts for K. Haggard Design. Top that all off with recently winning Grand and Reserve Champion Intermediate Derby Reining Horse at the Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse National Championships. Chandler loves that social media management allows her to inspire people and connect to loved ones from afar.

Irina Georgieva

Community + Project Manager
As a graduate of the Faculty of International Relations at Belarusian State University, Irina stands as a former professional athlete and accomplished ballroom dancer, securing championships in both European and Latin programs. Her diverse background extends across multiple industries, including luxury fashion, IT, and hospitality, providing her with a unique perspective and excellence in every endeavor. Irina excels in problem-solving, effortlessly navigating complex challenges with meticulous attention to detail. Gifted with an eye for design and craftsmanship, Irina spends her free time handcrafting garments, showcasing her passion for creativity.

Daniel Downey

Dan has a way with words, and strategy. He’s written copy and produced content across industries, disciplines and media for the better part of two decades. Graduating with a degree in Classical Languages, from CSU Long Beach, he’s a self-professed data nerd with a penchant for language – from English and Spanish, to Classical Greek, Latin, HTML and CSS. When he’s not crafting copy to align with actionable business strategies or devising ways to automate insights and optimize engagement experiences, you’ll find him hosting live radio shows, skateboarding, traveling to unique restaurants, practicing martial arts and exploring contemplative practice.

Randy Fraser

Tech Guru
Randy is the kind of person that can build something from nothing; there are almost no problems that he can’t find solutions for. He has extensive knowledge as a Web Programmer. HTML, CSS and PHP are his jam. He is thorough and has an organized approach to his work, which keeps “normal” folks on their toes. Whether Randy is coding and/or problem solving on the job or away from his desk, he is sure to be making those around him laugh. He is a beer connoisseur and would rather reef a sail or grind a winch than just about anything else.

How we see it...

To live colorfully, be bold and give it your all.
To be direct, transparent, and fair.
To treat ourselves and others with kindness and respect.
To add a dash of fun in everything we do.
To approach life with an open mind and heart. To never stop exploring.
To continue to learn and grow. To not judge, but to listen.
To be present because its power is eye-opening.
To lead an active life which we believe is key to staying creative, focused, healthy and balanced.
To make people feel, be, and do better – honestly, that is it.
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Social Impact

One of the biggest reasons I became an entrepreneur was so I could use my business to make a greater impact, and we wouldn’t be pushing you to give back if we didn’t first do it ourselves. So, for every brand project purchased at KHD we will sponsor a child’s education. Therefore, when you invest in your future, you also invest in someone else’s.

What do you say...

shall we build some goodness together?