Do Your Own Brand Audit

Do Your Own Brand Audit

Let’s take a look at your website today to make sure it’s doing what you want it to do!

I’m going to go over the main things I take a look at when I do a website + brand audit.

If I know you correctly, you most likely want to jump right into learning the best tricks to setting up your website so it converts better and you get more clients. I get that.

But let me slow you down just a little bit, we need to dive a little deeper before fixing those things, to make sure we do them right.

You need to have a little clarity on your foundational pieces:

  • Who is it for?

  • What problem are you solving?

  • What do you know or do that is unique?

  • What is the benefit of working with you?

This is what we went over last week in part 1, so head to that article first if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

Then for the website, what is the main thing we want the user to do? The number one Call To Action (CTA)?

It could be something like this:

  • Call you/Schedule an appointment

  • Sign up to receive your content

  • Buy something

When we have those clear (or sort of clear as I know it can take a little time to be fully clear on them), we can get going on making that audit! 

I’m going to go over the top 7 things to look for, to be sure your site is set-up to convert the right clients:

  • Home page – without scrolling: does the user know if it’s for them, how you can help them and can they take action (in other words click a button and schedule a call, sign up to receive your content or buy something)?

  • Are you using a set color palette throughout or might your site look like a circus? I suggest having 1-2 main colors ,1-3 accent colors and 1-2 neutral colors. I would go with less rather than more so if you pick one for each category you are all good. Then stick with them throughout your marketing material and touch points.

  • Do you have enough negative white space to let the user easily digest your content?You don’t want your website to feel like you just stepped into a hoarders home! Yikes. Leaving plenty of space around your content and buttons might feel counterintuitive because it will make the user scroll a bit more, but it actually helps the user to take in the content easier even if they might need to scroll a little extra. 

  • I know you might sell multiple things but try to have one main CTA (Call To Action) and sprinkle it throughout to help the user to easily click that button and convert into a client. That is for example schedule a call, sign up to get your content or buy something

  • Are you being too wordy and not very clear on what you are trying to communicate? It’s much harder to say what you want to say with fewer words. I would recommend going through paragraph by paragraph and see if you can cross stuff out that doesn’t bring any extra goodness. Less confusion, more clarity – yes please!

  • Do you have original images or really good stock images that reflect who you are and what you stand for? The type of images will make a huge impact on your website.  Humans are visual creatures and even if you are analytical you actually take in way more with just looking vs reading. In fact, website users only read on average 28% of the words on a page.  Furthermore, 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual.

  • A little SEO goodness, have you named your images properly along with alt tags and descriptions?  There is tons of stuff you can do to optimize your website for search engines. This one is fairly simple, and does bring a lot of juice.  Instead of naming your images, tophomepage.jpg  name it KHD-Website-Brand-Audit-Clinet-Karin.jpg then all those words are searchable by the search engines simply by using keywords and putting a dash in between each.  Then also include a sentence in the alt tag describing what you see on the image and a bit more details in the description.

Alright if you look through all these you should be able to clean up your website to make more conversions.

If you want my help, we have a great offer where you get to chat with me over Zoom for almost an hour, we look over your site together to make sure it presents you properly and converts. When we are done with our call you get an action filled list from me, to update as well as I will check in a week or two later to make sure you made it happen.

You can sign up here to get that scheduled!

Other than that, I highly recommend you do 1 of these each week and before you know it your site will be performing better.

The Foundation to a Brand Audit

Foundation to a Brand Audit

Looks and first impressions are shallow.

Only, if they don’t have a strong foundation and a reason for being there.

We do make an impression on anyone and anything within seconds, so to tell someone to not judge the book by its cover is sort of hypocritical, it’s just how our human minds work.

My philosophy is to make sure you have a cover that reflects you and then let people judge away.

Which just made me think of a little incident a while back…

I was with a group of friends and acquaintances who like to dress very differently from me, glitter in the face, interesting headpieces, wild patterns, etc. not my jam but that doesn’t defer me from hanging out and loving them for expressing themselves. 

I was dressed in a way that reflects who I am and how I feel good, which typically means I’m in clothing that is more minimalistic, classic with clean lines and something with a touch of an edge.

Because there were more of “them” than me, I was standing out. One of them came up to me and said, in a slightly condescending way:  “You look very Swedish.”

I said: “Thank you!”

He was spot on. I am proudly Swedish. 😉

Knowing who you are and what jives with you is the first step in a brand audit. And even the first step in life. It’s something that can take some time to develop so don’t fret, go with your best guess until it feels right.

Keep being curious and questioning yourself.

 It helps to refine what really feels like you and how you want to present yourself, who you like to work with, what type of work you thrive on etc.

So now to make it apply to business…

Often when people think of brands, they think of a logo, but the logo is just one piece of the puzzle. The whole experience working with you/your company is part of your brand.

To make the puzzle, you need to know the foundation. Sort of like collecting your ingredients before you cook your meal.

So let’s collect some good ingredients by answering these questions:

  • Besides, the occupation you are in, how do you want to be presented? (For example, Swedish, kind, funny, bold etc)
  • Who can you help the most? Who do you understand? Who do you thrive on from working with? (Ex, new business owners, mid-career doctors, french-americans, stay at home dads…)
  • Which problem are you uniquely solving for those folks? (Ex, step-by-step guidance on how to gain financial freedom, the ____ framework to build a closet that has you ready to take on casual to dressy) 

Now make sure that is communicated on all touchpoints from email signature, social media platforms to website.

That might be easier said than done, so I’d like to invite you all to follow along as this is a 2 part article. I will be giving you all my tips + tricks for a website plus brand audit in the next one!

Business Highlight: Oculto 477

Forgive me Father for I have sinned….

Believe it or not that line can get you into the hippest speakeasy in San Diego that is Oculto 477. 

Where does Oculto 477 come from? Why it is the brain-child of its home! Right next to the second oldest cemetery in San Diego, with you guessed it–477 graves! 

Located within Tahona, Oculto 477’s entry is still a secret within the walls of the restaurant (and that’s part of the fun) and reservations are required. 

Entering Oculto, you are submersed into an intimate and ambient room where mixologists cater to your every tasting desire. Despite its location, Oculto sways away from Tahona’s mezcal love towards Prohibition-inspired cocktails giving choices from low-proof sippers to famous cocktails with a twist.

The website opens with a short video curated to entice viewers into the world of Oculto 477, from the cemetery to cocktail creation shots, you get a small taste of the experience. 

The whole look and feel of the site/brand creates a secretive and ghost-like aura while still maintaining the class and elegance of a lounge. Let’s be honest though the highlight is the cool, flippable menu, that KHD created. I know I love to look at bar offerings before my experience because it is so exciting!  I feel like putting this on the site for a speakeasy is incredible and daunting as these things are often kept secret. But I like it!

Finally, they offer a spot to make reservations which is important since that’s likely what you are there for! 😉

Now, for social media, recently the grid has been following a pattern with black + white photos down the center. I love to see that because these photos are often from the Prohibition era which Oculto is deeply influenced by. 

Other colored photos are a fantastical cocktail pictures that beg for you to take a taste. Or a quiet nook awaiting for you and a partner to sit in. 

The quality photos make all the difference, on the site and the social media platforms. I heavily encourage anyone building a website to get great photos precisely because a picture is worth a thousand words and you can use those words in numerous ways! 

If you find yourself in need of a rather nice “juice joint” (word for bar during Prohibition) then I highly recommend you make yourself a reservation for Oculto 477, and prepare yourself to confess a sin.