Being Social

That has an entirely new meaning this past decade.

And with that statement, I suddenly felt a bit old.

To me “being social” has always meant that you are physically in a group of people interacting. Now, being social is most often referencing online interaction.

Social Media is an amazing tool that has evolved over the years but, (yeah there is always a but) I truly believe we as humans need physical touch and the ability  to see one another in the flesh.

Not only to make sure we understand each other but research shows that 

55% of conversation is nonverbal

38% is vocal

with only 7% as words!

Let that sink in…

I mean, thank goodness for emojicons! 🤪

No but seriously, 55% is what we see; body language, style, colors, shapes, placement, etc. as a Brand Designer that is beyond fascinating (might be even if you are not 😉 ).

What does that mean though? It means it is essential to show up online in a way that represents you while creating an experience your people want. If you meet in person the same thing holds true, but you have a larger chance of understanding and being understood by whomever you are communicating with.

Communicating on the interwebs is an excellent tool, however, being social in real life may be easier despite sometimes being uncomfortable and potentially even scary to walk up to someone.

Whether you connect online or in person it all works the same way; relate, be interested/curious, listen and engage.

Person: “What do you do?”

Me: “I’m a designer.”


 Person: “What do you do?”

Me: “I support service-based businesses to feel more confident in connecting with their audience and growing their business to make a greater impact.”  

Person: “Oh how do you do that?”

Me: “We build brands and websites to get their services and processes organized, so they don’t feel overwhelmed, but rather put together (and slightly braggadocious), have clarity, and can easily focus their precious time on what they like to do and what they do best.”

As an entrepreneur it’s even more important to be social, you have solutions that people need and want to know about. If you take that perspective to networking and connecting it might actually be exciting (unless you already are excited to network, then just keep sharing all your goodness) to be social. And all it comes down to is being present and looking for opportunities to do better.


Side note:

For the day when we are allowed to be more social in person, here is another “fact”, probably more of a sweet saying I like, how essential it is to meet people in person:

4 hugs a day for survival

8 hugs to sustain

12 hugs for growth

To hugs and connections,

Business Highlight: Girlfriends Guide to Golf

A few years ago, Marcela Smith–an avid golfer came across an opportunity in the golf industry; as she noticed there was not a lot of great info for ladies about golf rules, etiquette or attire.

She started golfing at 39, however, it wasn’t an easy path…because of that experience, she found her true calling for golf within the rules.

Girlfriends Guide to Golf is the brainchild of Marcela, created solely to help people like herself who wanted to enjoy the sport but had no idea how or where to start. She’s now had a ton of success teaching rules through her social media and blogs as well as planning and setting up girls’ golf weekends to teach rules and of course, connect women golfers!  

Now, this entire topic is very near and dear to my heart because we actually ran into each other at a marketing event where she found out I had played golf in college, (and hadn’t really since) she utilized that moment to connect and get me back out on the course!  She mentioned to me her idea, which I thought was great and so I helped her create Girlfriends Guide to Golf.  This gave me the opportunity to build out her brand and website.  

Thank goodness that’s an opening I am happy I took, because Marcela is beautiful inside out, full of wit and gives information in a very straight-forward fashion (pun slightly intended), which was also our goal to highlight on the website. I really had fun creating this one. Who you work with makes an incredible difference. 

Whoa! Did we have a fabulous selection of photos to choose from, which is like sourcing really fine ingredients for a good meal! We focused on the blog at the beginning but she has since expanded in many ways from sharing promo codes right in the menu bar (knowing her girlfriends want quick access-it’s all about listening to what your audience wants). A growing company and site like this is always a work-in-progress, with more updates on the horizon to be sure the site keeps up with her creative expansion. 

Girlfriends Guide to Golf is this month’s business highlight because of the high-level care Marcela gives to her girlfriends and her desire to help people. As you all know, I love supporting people and surrounding myself with people who do as well since it maximizes what we can do overall. If you need any help out on the course or curiosity is after you, then I highly recommend having a look at Girlfriends Guide to Golf.

I hope to see you on the greens!