Thankful, Grateful, Cheerful

Yes, to all the above.

This has been a wild year for all of us from world spanned diseases, natural disasters, political madness, women’s marches, Black Lives Matter, it seems like the world is boiling over… like it’s had enough of us humans living our selfish lives, not caring about the earth nor one another.

Yet we are trying to do our best wherever we are on the journey, at least I like to hope so.

A lot of people have lost their jobs, decided not to go back to them, or re-imagined their type of work and some have done absolutely fantastic. 

Wherever you have been, you can look at it as problems, or you can flip it around and see it as opportunities, to stand-up and try again, to try something different or to do even better. By simply reframing, life can be much more beautiful.

I hope you see opportunities everywhere.

I feel incredibly thankful, grateful and cheerful to be here, be alive and doing what I love beyond words. 

However, first, it’s not like that every day and second, not all are, so be kind to yourself and one another. I believe it’s pertinent to be aware that we don’t know what people are going through, and not assume life is as fabulous as it might look in some (virtual) places.

Make it a practice to be patient, to take one more breath before you possibly snap, to try to understand, listen and appreciate the people around you.

The thing is, we all want to be acknowledged and heard, it’s not always easy but always worth the extra effort. 

What you will give freely, will come back to you.

With love and gratitude,

Get Yourself Out of The Rut

Before you start reading further, I’m just going to give you the answer, dance!

Yes, sometimes you need to let go of all your needs to be in control, learn to be okay with not being put-together or looking a certain way… it can be extremely uncomfortable, but in that space is exactly where things happen and shift.

Or if you love to dance, like me, it is one of the most magical places to release some stress-anxiety and twirl around to your heart’s content.

You want to know the question? Oh okay, we are doing it the normal way, ok…;)

What to do when you feel stagnant in your career and life?  What are some moves you can take to get off that plateau?

First, maybe you are content? There is nothing wrong with being content, and enjoying the place you are in. It’s okay to not have a desire to constantly push.  Our society is so often focused on having more and better. I believe it’s pertinent to not get swept away with what the surrounding is doing. Take some time, sit down and really ponder, if maybe you are content right now (doesn’t mean it has to be forever).   That space right there is a great time to get caught up with systems and processes and can be an incredible way to prepare and set you up for tremendous growth.

 If you have done that and you are ready, but can’t get off your butt, then you are most likely stagnant or at a plateau.

The answer? Dance!

I’m serious! Physical activity is a proven way to enhance creativity.  Also as I mentioned above, if you are at a plateau or feel stuck, it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and change things up. 

 You know the saying, “what got you here, will not get you there”, not sure who coined that brilliant line of words but annoyingly accurate.

 Some moves you can take:


Reset your mind.  

What’s the amount of money you want to make a month?

Add a 0 to the end of that number.

For example, if you want to take home 10K/month, which now turns into 100K/month. What would you need to do differently? What would you offer? Who would you need to be?

 You are an entrepreneur, you make your own rules and offerings, anything is possible.

Really, don’t just look past this question, what, actually, would you have to do?


Sometimes we are just stuck in our mind on how we look at things, and all we need to do is turn it around a bit. Change the perspective.


Change your routine. Being in a rut literally means: “In a settled or established habit or course of action, especially a boring one.”  Try one of these:

  • Start journaling first thing in the morning
  • Sign up to learn something new
  • Give yourself 15 mins. to yourself a day doing what you like to do, anything from knitting, painting, breathing, running and do that every day for a month…and see if you don’t end up with a scarf, a painting or find a space to expand your mind.
  • Set the alarm 45 mins. earlier (and go to bed 45 mins. earlier)
  • Limit social media or TV intake.


Get a coach. If you can’t look at your own work from a different perspective a coach certainly can.  There is nothing wrong to ask for help–really you should if you want to grow in life or business. 

PRO TIP – make sure to get a coach that has walked the path ahead of you, someone who knows your struggles and has succeeded in what you want to succeed with. There are a lot of coaches out there nowadays, so make sure you connect with one that is right for you.


Whatever you decide to do to change things up, do it even on the days when you don’t feel like it.

I would love to hear where you are, content or stagnant?

Let’s go,